Friday, April 06, 2007

past week

Week in review:
*in-laws from New Mexico arrived last Friday; Chris & Katie picked them up at the airport while Gracie & I enjoyed her Spring Party at school

*Chris & I looked at some used cars; didn't buy anything but interested in one; his truck is just not reliable at this point


*bought some things at Home Depot to make our yard prettier; I don't claim to be Elizabeth but this little island sure does look better than it did; maybe slowly but surely we can get some yard things done around here


*church; nap; Life Group with a cookout at someone's house afterwards


*the Masters! Well, the practice rounds anyway. In order to get tickets to the practice rounds (Mon., Tues. & Wed.), you have to submit your name and hope to be chosen to buy them. Chris has been chosen twice out of the probably 5 or 6 times he's requested them. This year, his mom was chosen so she bought them and Chris & I and Gramps & Gramme went while a friend watched the girls. I'm not really a sports lover, but it was pretty cool. The course is absolutely beautiful! The grass is like carpet and being so close to Tiger Woods was neat. I knew only 1 other player and it's because he's from around here and is on the news a lot. The other ones were all foreign to me! I recognized one other name that Gramme was hoping to see but he never showed up on the boards as being on the course so he must not have been practicing that day. To get tickets to the real thing (Thurs., Fri., Sat. & Sun.) is pretty impossible. Over the years we've heard of a few people we know who know someone who gives them tickets but really only 1 or 2. I think people actually leave them in their wills to people.

*I had a wedding shower to attend that night and Chris & his parents watched my friend's children for that since she had watched the girls for us earlier in the day.

*We were all pretty worn out so we nixed the idea of going to the zoo as we'd planned. We went shopping all day where Gramme was quite generous (thank you!) with buying for us as well as the girls.
*That night, we left Katie to have some "Gramps & Gramme" time while Chris, Gracie & I went to play putt-putt with some friends from church.
*We again nixed the idea of going to the zoo and opted to hang around closer to home. The girls rode bikes with Gramps & Gramme at the park and Chris & I ran some errands. Chris & I also visited a friend in the hospital who was having surgery this week rather unexpectedly.
*Church that night and Sonic afterwards.
*Time to take Gramps & Gramme back to the airport for the long trek back to New Mexico. About 13-14 hours later-riding in the plane & car-they were safely back home.
*Chris & I and the girls went out for breakfast then Chris ran some errands while the girls & I went to playgroup. Gracie misses playgroup each week since she's in school so she was excited to go. It was a small group but she still had fun! We ate out for lunch then all 4 of us crashed for naps. Did I mention we looked for Sunday shoes for the girls?!?!? Yikes! What a job!
*After naps, we continued searching for Sunday shoes and finally bought some at the 1st place I'd looked that day after looking at about 6 other places! No fun!
*Came home, ate dinner, watched t.v., went to bed.
*Well, the day isn't over but my husband has successfully bought a new car today! Not new new, but new to us! I'm excited because it's cute and clean on the inside and one I will enjoy driving (unlike the ugly trucks he's had in the past!) I don't like having to pay for it, but having 2 reliable cars in the family will be a relief (again, unlike the ugly trucks he's had in the past!) He's actually keeping his truck for now. He debated trading it in but they wouldn't give him hardly anything for it and it's paid for (the truck) and he'll enjoy having something to haul yard waste in and stuff like that. He may try to sell it outright later.
*We have plans to go to the movies later tonight and go to the church Easter egg hunt tomorrow. It will be coooold unfortunately!
*I also heard from a former student of mine who is MARRIED! I feel oooooolllllldddd! It was so good to hear from her and to hear that she is happy!
*Have I mentioned my new favorite show: Ace of Cakes!!!!! It's awesome!!!


Malia said...

It's currently 27 degrees here and our church Egg Hunt starts in 3 hours! Brrrrrr!

I lucked out and found shoes for Sweetpea at the second place we looked (Payless). Whew!

Sounds like y'all had a great week!

Jacinda said...

Malia-we bought ours at Payless too! This is after we looked at Rack Room, Shoe Dept., Penney's, Sears, a local boutique & Dillards!-and we'd looked at Target earlier in the week!

elizabeth said...

So flattered by your comment! My poor flowers are suffering through a snowstorm of all things this weekend!

I am sure your garden will be beautiful and that the girls will completely enjoy the process with you!