Tuesday, April 24, 2007

pray for Holly

Okay, I really don't know what in the world is going on with picture posting on Blogger this morning, but I'm looking at a bunch of html stuff instead of a photograph. When I did a test post it actually did post the real picture though, so I'm just going to stick all these pictures at the end instead of trying to insert them into my text. There's about 5 lines of html for each photo and I'm sure to mess something up if I try to move it all around.

The pictures are of Gracie & LA's "skedgle" for their sleepover. For those of you who don't read phonetically, that's "schedule." They are planning a sleepover and they have all sorts of plans. Of course, LA's mom said she & her sister have to get their room cleaned up before a sleepover can take place, so we'll see.

The "skedgle" is hilarious! They have planned where to have dinner and breakfast (I kind of think LA's mom is thinking more along the lines of eating at home!), what to have for snack and which activities they'll do at which times. They do need a little practice on telling time because the last I looked, there was no such time at "8:60." Gracie said she just copied this from LA (of course, she didn't correct her so is she any better?!?!) LA said she was counting by 5's. I guess she just kept going instead of switching over to the next hour which would be, of course, 9:00. The time seems to be going backwards too!

I think the "skedgle" is precious and something I definitely want recorded for memory's sake. Such wonderful memories she is creating with this best girlfriend.

I want to ask you to please keep my friend, Holly, in your prayers. She is a young Christian mother who goes to church with us. She found out last week that she has thyroid cancer. She has twin girls who will be 3 in September and a little boy who will be 1 in July. This news has hit all of us "young moms" really hard, I think. I know it has me. Just a few hours before she got the news, a group of us were sitting around at playgroup watching our kids play and enjoying just being together. Then that afternoon she got a phone call from the doctor telling her she has cancer! I think all of us were a little bit speechless when we heard the news. She had been having thyroid problems and had had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove a cyst and part of the thyroid. She was under the impression that everything was fine-she'd been told that there was no cancer. Apparently, they were still waiting on a biopsy that she didn't even know about. What do you say in this situation? I feel like I keep saying the same things over & over to her.

She went to the doctor yesterday and feels better about everything. As of now, there is no chemotherapy in her future and she is glad of that! She will be having some radiation where she can't hug, kiss or hold her babies for 72 hours. She's thinking they may get to spend some time at Nana's because how do you explain to children that age that Mommy can look at you but not hold you? She will be having surgery-which is scary for her because of an experience she had after her last surgery-and she will have a body scan to see if the cancer cells are anywhere else in her body. I'm not sure of the exact order of these things, but this is what she is looking at for now.

It will be a tough couple of months but she is upbeat. Yes, she is scared and going through normal emotions but she is also upbeat that there is a reason for her to be going through this.

Please pray for 3 specific things: her complete healing, her peace & comfort and for peace & comfort for her husband & children. Maybe that's technically more than 3 things but that's okay!
I ran away from home last night! One of my favorite series came out with their 6th book awhile back and I've been wanting to read it. The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling by Neta Jackson! I had looked around in this rather small town with no luck so I drove over to the "bigger" town about 20 miles away and ran in to Family Christian to buy it. It was so relaxing in there, looking at all the books, music and pretty stuff~with NO kids~listening to the Christian music they had playing. I could have stayed a lot longer.......

The only sad part of the evening was when I'd decided to go through the Fazoli's drive-thru to get some breadsticks. Our Fazoli's had closed so we always enjoyed going when we were in this other town. Lo and behold, it is now closed too! I was sooooo sad! The one near my parent's house closed too, so I don't know what is going on with this poor chain. It was soooo good and we thought just about as good as Olive Garden and way cheaper! (no Olive Garden salad, though)
VBS planning is continuing along. I work on it, get stuff done, get overwhelmed and have to take a break. We've had a lot of people agree to help in various aspects & roles so that has helped with taking a deep breath. Little by little it will get done and the kids will enjoy it and will learn something and all will be good. (and 4 days later, Chris & I leave to go to San Diego, leaving the kids with my parents, so life will be very good at that point!----don't get too excited for us----Chris has a conference to go to so it's not like it's just a vacation but still will be wonderful!)
My big brother turns 36 this week. He's getting old!!!!!!!!! HA! (No offense to any of you out there 36 or older!)
I messed around with my links list yesterday & today. I added Amber & Chelsea. I found myself reading their blogs often so I figured I may as well add them to my list! I love reading the stories Amber writes about her children-her little girl reminds me of Gracie somewhat and Chelsea has 3 sweet girls and she posts the cutest pictures of them. Also, I moved k_hall up to the top and renamed her simply 'kim.' Malia is still on the list but she has moved to Wordpress. The link has been updated to go to her new home. I'm not sure if I changed anything else; I can't even remember!

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