Sunday, May 06, 2007

the 10 plagues

Some things are just priceless. We've started studying Moses in my 1st & 2nd grade Sunday morning class. Next week is the first "official" plague lesson, but we've already started talking about them a little in preparation. Kira & Gracie had a great time this morning role playing when Moses went to Pharoah and asked him to "let my people go!" They threw down a pen & a marker to represent the rods being turned into snakes and then had a great time pretending one was eating the other. So fun to watch!

I found some cute Christian journals at Hobby Lobby the other day and bought them to give my students this morning. I suggested that Gracie draw the 10 plagues in hers during church. She did such a cute job. I'm guessing she must have added the color to it this afternoon because I don't think she had crayons in church. Anyway, the "speech bubbles" cracked Chris & I up! Click on the picture to make it bigger if you can't see what's written. I love books & other writings like this that she makes so I just had to blog about it so I'd always have the memory recorded in case the actual journal gets lost. I can tell we need to work on her spelling a little when it comes to the word "plague." She was copying out of the Bible so I'm not sure why she didn't spell it right. I hate that some of the pictures are so blurry but hopefully the main idea will be shown anyway.

I'm a little concerned about the speech bubbles on this last one: "I'm going to k-i-l-l you!" "Help!!!!!" I'm not sure this is the image I want her to have in her mind but......the firstborn were killed......any help explaining this to a 6 year old???? I have tried to emphasize to them that God used these plagues to show that HE was the most powerful-not Pharoah.

These were some other cute things she wrote & drew today.

Here are some pictures of both my sweet girls!


jettybetty said...

Wow, what creativity those word bubbles are--it gives me insight into the plagues!

Amy said...

They are precious!