Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Appreciate your teachers!

This week is 'National Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week.' Teacher appreciation is a special interest of mine, so I enjoy thinking of things to do. I guess being a teacher I remember feeling unappreciated sometimes so I try to be very supportive of the teachers & staff at Gracie's school.

I talked with the main room mom for Gracie's class about some ideas for Mrs. Stauffer and she called some other moms to organize a gift for her for each day. I know my friend MB took her a plant yesterday. I'm not sure exactly what she got on Monday and what she'll get today & tomorrow, but I know the room mom was going to schedule one mom to take a gift in each day.

Friday I'll take a book that I compiled using some of the students' work-similar to what I did last year for Miss Stack. I have really enjoyed working on it and hope she'll like it. I'll post pictures of it later.

I put together some little gifts for every teacher & staff member that are from the PTA in general. I approached the PTA President about doing some things (I loved the things Stephanie planned last year!) and we decided on a couple of them. I had fun working on them. Sure, they're a little cheesy, but I hope they know that the main thing we're trying to get across is that we appreciate all they do.

Monday, I took a little card with a package of 'Extra' gum taped onto it. "Thank you for being an "EXTRA" special part of our children's lives!" is what it said. I put one in each mailbox and gave them to the people in the office who didn't have boxes. Today, I took a little package of Hershey's Kisses & Hugs. "Hugs & Kisses for all you do!" is what the card said on this one. Again, each teacher & staff member got one. Friday, another PTA lady will organize a "duty-free" lunch for all the teachers.

Individually, the gifts look small but I made between 80-90 of them so it did take time! It was fun though! I have lots of other ideas that maybe we can incorporate next year. I didn't really approach them with my ideas until recently. Hopefully we can plan ahead and do even more things next year!


Amy said...

I love all of these ideas! It is teacher appreciation week for our school too. It's hard to adequately thank our teachers for what they are doing for our children. I'm sure these little "happies" mean a lot to them!

I really like your blog template!

SG said...

Great ideas. It is weird to sit back and let others take care of my teachers this year! I did have to at least send flowers to Kolby's teacher. :)