Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cinderella Penguin

So I've been told by one of my friends that my blog about our weekend was rather short. I tended to agree so I thought I'd add a little more detail, along with some more pictures. To save myself some time-but still record the memory-I'll try to write it in timeline style.

Thursday: went to Atlanta and spent the night with my parents

Friday: went to Nashville to my brother's (Josh) house. The girls immediately started playing & having a good time together. We ate dinner then went to the park to play and do a little fishing.

Saturday: Chris & our girls and Josh & his girls went to the library to see a marionette show of "Hansel & Gretel." I stayed with Beth (my sister-in-law) and went to the church building a little early to help her start setting up for Ann Elise's 5th birthday party.

My parents & grandparents, along with some of Beth's family arrived and we had the birthday party. Afterwards, we drove by the house Josh & Beth are hoping will be theirs very soon if all goes well. We then went back to their current house where the girls played and we all visited. Mom & Dad and my grandparents left for a bit while Josh, Chris, Katie & Morgan slept. Beth & I went to a local bookstore that I really like .

We met back up with everyone that night to eat at a really good Japanese steakhouse in the Cool Springs area of Nashville. Katie wasn't so sure of the fire-"I don't like the fire!!!!!"-but she did okay. The food was fantastic!

Mom & Dad and Bigmother & Bigdaddy left to go back to Huntsville. I tried really hard to get a good picture of my grandparents with the 4 great-grandchildren. (1 great grandchild wasn't there because he was out of town.) I also tried to get a really good one of all 4 grandchildren with my parents. Alas, when you have a 6 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old & 1 year old....picture taking just isn't their top priority! I have some of all of them but none that are really any good. Katie is usually scowling, crying or looking away & Morgan is topless due to having a really bad diaper and she had taken her extra shirt out of her diaper bag before leaving the house. *sigh* Maybe one day.

Sunday: went to church with Josh & his family. Some of us slept that afternoon (I did!) Gracie & Ann Elise played on AE's new slip 'n slide. We went to church that night then ate out pizza. Got ready for bed and leaving the next day.

Monday: got up and said good-bye to Josh, Beth, Ann Elise & Morgan. We hope they will come visit us this summer at some point. We then went & visited with some friends who used to live here. They just had a baby about 3 weeks ago, so it was nice to meet her for the first time!

We drove home-about 8 hours total counting the time we stopped to eat & potty. This is a funny picture of Gracie sleeping. She tends to keep her mouth open and usually her eyes are partly open which always makes me feel creepy! Chris ended up driving the whole way home! I started a book and really liked it and read the whole thing! I enjoyed it but I did have a killer headache by the time we got home! I just love Nashville! It is sooo pretty!!!!!

This leads us up to today: Tuesday. Gracie's play! "Cinderella Penguin" was the name of her play. They did so great and were so cute! Gracie wasn't very loud, thus her lines couldn't be heard very well but she knew them and did awesome! Everyone did really well-some of them had such sassy little attitudes to develop their character which really added to the humor.

For example: when the fairy godmother came to the crying Cinderella (because the stepsisters told her she wasn't pretty enough to go to the ball), she introduced herself with: "Dry it up, girl!" When Cinderella got her new ball gown and asked, "What about my hair?" the godmother said, "It looks fine. Let's not sweat the small stuff!"

I also loved when Cinderella was dancing with the handsome prince and one of the stepsisters said, "She's dancing with MY prince!" The attitude that sweet little Nya put into that line was hilarious!

Maybe you had to hear it for yourself, but it was funny! This is when the stepsisters have "thrown" her down the basement stairs but her "flipper" has gotten stuck in the door. The stepsisters are standing there to try to hide her from the handsome prince. He sees the flipper sticking out of the door and eventually finds her and marries her!

We were very proud of Gracie for doing so well! All of them did well. Tomorrow she may get the chance to play Gretel in "Hansel & Gretel." Deja is supposed to play Gretel but she was absent today, so Mrs. Stauffer sent home her lines with Gracie. Secretly I'm hoping that she will get to step into this role so I can watch her "act" again.
This is the cast of her play. Mrs. Stauffer as the director of course. The 2 stepsisters are on one side of Mrs. S. The handsome prince is next to her then the fairy godmother next to Gracie and of course Gracie as Cinderella Penguin! She has her apron on in this picture because of course Cinderella doesn't start the play in her ball gown. When the fairy godmother magically gives her a ball gown, they simply take off the apron and voila! Mrs. Stauffer said she goes for simple which is the best way in a 15 minute little play. We were just supposed to pretend she didn't have on the ball gown during parts of the play!
I have to relay a funny from Katie. She was being a bit of a stink pot as she often is when we were at my parent's house Friday morning. I told her, "When you stay with Grammer & Pappy in June, Grammer can s-p-a-n-k you." Grammer said, "Oh! I don't want to do that!" Katie turned and looked at me and said, "She said she didn't want to do that." As if to say, "nana nana boo boo.....she doesn't want to spank me!" My mom quickly assured her that even though she may not want to, she will if she needs to. That girl!!!!!
On a different note, please keep the Brown family in your prayers. Even though I don't know them personally (I was at ACU with some of their family and knew them somewhat) my heart is breaking for them. It is really so sad. I heard about this first from Brandon Scott.

Also, please keep my friend Alissa in your prayers. I didn't want to post anything about this on my blog until she did. She's had a tough time but is relying on God and we know He can help them heal from this. Never forget...but heal.

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