Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Let My People Go!"

Saturday, we met my parents for a "pre Mother's Day" get together. We met in Madison, GA which was about a 2 hour drive for us and about an hour for my parents. We ate at this HOLE IN THE WALL restaurant which served the BEST food I'd ever eaten! Well, maybe not the best but almost! My parents are kind of known for choosing real out of the way places so I wasn't surprised when Mom chose a place like this. I had told her she could choose since we were taking her out for Mother's Day. I seriously felt like I was in 'Fried Green Tomatoes.' It was that kind of atmosphere. I think it was called " 'Ole Murray's." The sign said something like "Put some South in your Mouth." It definitely was good 'ole Southern cooking! If you're ever in Madison, GA I highly recommend it! The lady who ran it was really nice, too!
We ate then shopped around a little. It was a very pretty little downtown. We also got ice cream (Pappy's treat!) Mom & Dad and I actually got smoothies while Chris & the girls got ice cream. It was a fun day. Short time spent together, but fun.
Katie was actually a little sick...tummy troubles. They continued into Sunday and on.......I HOPE she is better now. The jury is still out although today was a good day in tummy land for her!
Sunday, Gracie and her 2 friends from Sunday School class did a precious little "play" on the 10 Plagues. We invited the 4 & 5 year old class and the 3rd-6th grade class to watch. They did such a good job of singing a song about the plagues and pretending to be Egyptian people (Gracie & Leigh Ann) begging Pharoah (Kira) to let the Israelites go after each one. Of course, he didn't let them go until after the 10th. They did so great and were so fun to watch!

I got a call from Gracie's school Monday that she wasn't feeling well. By the time I got there to pick her up, she had thrown up! Poor thing ended up getting sick SEVEN times between about 12:15-8:30. Thankfully, she was able to sleep through the night and never threw up again. She was pretty zapped though and ended up staying home from school yesterday and today. She told me today she felt better but just felt like laying around. She didn't even really want to work on her schoolwork, so I knew she wasn't feeling well! After a nap this afternoon, she really pepped up so I'm hoping she'll be okay for school tomorrow. Time shall tell.
We have fun plans for Saturday, so I'm hoping all of us are well.


Miss Hope said...

Poor thing! We've been fighting stomach bugs and viruses for almost two weeks here. With a family of five? It's like a ping pong match...we just pass it back and forth! So ready to feel better.

jettybetty said...

I love hole in the wall restarants--that one sounds GREAT! Glad you had a fun day with your parents.

Sorry about the tummy bug--hopefully it's left your house by now.

What a creative idea for a play! Who thought of that??? Then, inviting other children to watch--wonderful idea!

Malia said...

I got a call on Monday from JBelle's school, too! For the same thing! She had actually thrown up at school (like 4 times!) But she never ran a fever and she didn't throw up again at home, so she went back to school the next day and has been fine ever since. I wondered if maybe it was food poisoning but The GMan had the exact same thing for breakfast that she did and he was fine. So either it was a virus that worked itself through pretty quickly or it was just a run of them mill upset tummy. I guess we'll never really know!