Sunday, May 18, 2008

another weekend in H-town

Another weekend has come & gone and tomorrow starts yet another work/school week.

I went to the doctor last week and had an u/s. Surprisingly, the u/s apparently put me about a week further along than I thought I was, so I got a little nervous since my babies tend to come early anyway. Mom was going to come June 11th, but she has graciously agreed to come about a week earlier now. I know ultrasounds can be wrong, but I think I'll just feel better once she's here knowing that she can help with the girls whenever the baby comes. The baby will for sure be here June 24th because that is my scheduled c-section date, but the doctor said I probably won't make it to that point. It's kind of confusing because people keep asking when I'm due, and I'm not really sure what to say!

All I know is this.....a.) my feet are swollen almost every night-last night I couldn't even slip my sandals on all the way although this morning they were better. b.) I have to go to the bathroom A LOT and sometimes it's like she sits down HARD making me have to go even worse. Yes, you read that right....sits down. c.) Yes, she is breech. 'Frank breech' to be more exact meaning not only is she bottom down but also facing my back. Because of her position, the doctor said her legs will probably be sticking up for the first few days! The u/s technician couldn't get a picture of her face at all because of her position. d.) She also said she is around 5 lbs. 2 oz. Considering Gracie was only 5 lbs. 11 oz. when she was born, I think that's pretty big! Again, I know ultrasounds can be wrong, but that's what she said. e.) It is hard to cross my legs! f.) I am out of breath frequently. g.) I have fairly frequent Braxton Hicks. h.) She 'balls up' on one side alot making it hard to get up off the couch and bend over. Oh, the joys of being pregnant, right?!!? But don't get me wrong....I'm excited and happy and all that.....just keepin' it real!

I HAD to buy a dress yesterday. I hated to do it with so little time left, but Chris & I had started joking about how often I was wearing the other dress I'd been wearing to church. It was funny last week when Katie said, "I like your new dress you're wearing." It was like the 4th week in a row that I'd worn it! Good thing was that we'd been visiting churches so the same people (besides my family) hadn't been seeing it 4 weeks in a row! Of course, apparently Katie hadn't noticed it anyway!

Thursday, Katie & I enjoyed Gracie's field day which I blogged about earlier. I felt bad b/c some of the parents apparently went back to the classroom and sat with their children while they ate lunch then went back out to finish watching field day once the thunder stopped. Katie & I had just left once the thunder started. I think Gracie was a little disappointed, but I didn't know I could have gone back to the classroom. Oh well! After school and Gracie did her homework, I took the girls to the library for craft time which they both enjoyed. They also enjoyed picking out new books & playing on the computer. It helps to pass the time until Chris gets home on Thursdays.

Friday, I was blessed to be invited over to a new friend's house to hang out with some other moms & their preschool aged children! This new friend is one of the ones who helped us so much when we were moving here (her aunt went to church with us in Aiken.) She was having some moms from her church over to plan activities for the summer and for a short devo. It was nice to hang out in that setting, and we'll be happy to join in some of the activities if the "baby timing" permits! Katie enjoyed playing around other kids, although she was the only girl there. Do you think she cared?????

Chris was off Friday, and he spent a large portion of the day hanging out at the DMV! That's right, both of our cars (we switched at one point in the day) now have Texas license plates (sniff! sniff!) and Chris has a Texas driver's license. I don't have mine yet but will soon I suppose. I stopped in at some random place and got a pedicure that afternoon! It was sooo nice! The lady wanted to look at my stomach then said, "It girl!" If she had said boy would I have trusted her or the u/s?!?! :-) Friday night was spent here at home eating Little Caesar's pizza (so good yet cheap!) and watching a movie. There was also some bike riding for the girls and ice cream eating done.

Saturday, we spent some time at IKEA which is a fun store to visit. We then drove down to explore another part of Houston that Chris was impressed with. I think it'll be a little too far to drive to the church we've decided to go to, but it was a nice part of the city. (We were close to you, Lara!!!!!! Nice neighborhood!!!!!) We spent some time in Super Target choosing some things for the baby which was fun yet a little stressful to try to remember what all we need. It's been awhile! We needed to buy Katie a dresser, so we used some of her birthday money to do that so that the baby can take over her old one. It's the perfect height to use the top of it as a changing table, so I wanted to use Katie's old one for the baby. We ate lunch/dinner at Pappasitos which has quickly become one of our favorites!

We went to church this morning, ate lunch, then I napped ALL afternoon while poor Chris spent time putting together the new dresser. We then went back to church tonight and ate at Pei Wei afterwards with some new friends. It was good to be in that setting with a few of the families we're getting to know. It's hard to find where we fit in, but I'm confident we will. I think both of us enjoy the atmosphere after church when people stand around visiting outside while the kids play on the playground and under the beautiful trees surrounding the building. I just keep praying that we'll find those good friends, and I think we're beginning to.

Gracie only has 8 more days of 2nd grade!!!!!! This week and then 3 days next week. Chris will have off for Memorial Day as will she. The next weekend, some of our "OLD" friends are coming to visit us, and we are really excited for that! Mom will come the week after that and we'll start getting lots closer to the baby coming!!!!! I can hardly believe she's coming so soon!

Here is a Katie funny: she talks a lot about what she wants to be when she grows up. One thing she has mentioned is a doctor. However, she has tweaked that a little bit and said she'd like to be the person at the doctor's office who calls the people's names! She doesn't want to give shots though because she says she doesn't want to hear any of that crying. Funny girl!

Here are some random pics of the girls from H-town:

Occasionally, they really are sweet to each other!
Gracie is getting really good at riding her bike!
a little cheesy perhaps but cute!
Katie Boo being silly!
stylin' in the car
Katie can't be left out of the fashion show!
playing at IKEA-what a neat store
all that shopping & exploring wore her out!


SG said...

Glad all is going well! How is the Houston weather compared to what you are used to? Being prego in Texas in the summer is not easy! Hang in there!

Ashley & Joel said...


What is your new address?? You can just email it to I hope everything is going well and ya'll are adjusting to the move? I am sure that Gracie is ready to get out of school for the summer.

Ashley (your cousin in law)

Lara said...

Girl, you better call me next time you are in my neck of the woods.:)Seriously, I would love to see you.Are you all going to Memorial CoC? Call me when Gracie is out of school and we will do a play date.


Krista said...

Haven't had a chance to call yet . . . did you meet any of our friends on Sunday? =)

Deana Nall said...

Of course you can link to me! I know how hard it is to make the first move. That's something I'm going to try hard to do this summer with some other newish people around here.

I wish we still lived there -- we could meet at the Goode Co. for cinnamon milkshakes!