Thursday, May 15, 2008

Texas Field Day 2008

Today was Gracie's field day at school-her first Texas field day! She seemed to really have a great time, and it was fun to watch her perform her events and interact with her classmates. Unfortunately, it started sprinkling which would have been okay, but then it started thundering so they had to call it quits about an hour early. I guess they got 4 events finished before having to quit: the obstacle course, the 'scrambled eggs' event, the running relay race, & the water balloon relay-that was a mess!

Gracie worked really hard at her events and seemed to have fun!

Gracie & Ms. Miller-her 'main' teacher
Gracie & Ms. Rampersad-her Language Arts teacher
Katie waiting for something exciting to happen.


Jill said...

JACINDA!!! mom told me last night that you are expecting and now I just read that on your blog! What a blessing. I can't wait to see her.

Liz Kiker said...

Hey! Speaking of Field Day...I thought Gracie might want to know that Mrs. Zimmerman's class took first place in relay AND first place in tug-of-war!!!