Friday, May 02, 2008

This week

I'm going to attempt to update on our last week. Our wireless isn't working (Comcast still isn't in our good list) but at least the internet is. Thing is, with the wireless not working, I have to sit here at the desk and like I said, this precious little baby doesn't always want to cooperate with me sitting up like this. So here goes....

I honestly don't remember anthing too extraordinary about Monday or Tuesday. School for Gracie & work for Chris. Hanging out here & 'exploring' for me & Katie. We've been eating out a lot, and we actually ate dinner at home both nights so that was kind of nice.

Wednesday, I went out on a limb and "crashed" a playgroup I found out about at one of the church's websites. I saw it listed and emailed the contact person who invited me to come along. So, I did. Problem was, it took me almost an hour to get to where they were meeting. I'm not sure that's feasible to do weekly. They meet different places each week, but I saw that next week is meeting at a park off the same street so likely we won't be going. I met some really nice ladies with sweet kids-even a 4 year old for Katie to play with-and it was at a beautiful park that I would like to take Chris & Gracie back to, but I'm just not sure this is the playgroup for us.

We had thought about visiting that church, which wasn't as far away as where the playgroup was, but honestly-we ended up going back to the church we'd visited last week. Like I said, we really like that one and Gracie really, really wanted to go back to that one. It's important for our children to like a church and she likes it for "good" reasons. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's not like she likes it for "superficial" reasons-she enjoys the Bible Classes and said that people are nice. We ended up being late b/c of TRAFFIC and getting lost, and it made me feel good that the teacher expressed happiness at her being there and her new little friend got up to give her a hug and we met the little girl who goes to her school. It just feels comfortable. Katie is having some issues with being upset and crying a little at going to class, but she does okay and I know it'll get better for her. It's just overwhelming I think.

We're still toying with the idea of visiting some others, but we just haven't made up our minds. I guess we'll decide when we get in the car Sunday morning-maybe a little sooner than that! There are a couple of things listed on the calendar at the church we've been visiting that intrigue me that are coming up in the next week, so.........

Anyway, so Wednesday after I went to the playgroup, I went to my first Houston doctor's appointment! Chris decided to meet me there, so he could leave early if needed to pick up Gracie from school. The appointment went well, and it felt good to have that done. Everything seems to be going well. I go back in 2 weeks and will have an ultrasound. This is a 3rd c-section, and he said he won't schedule it until 1 week prior to my due date. I don't have any intention of making it that far because Gracie & Katie both came on their own and earlier than 1 week early, but I guess time will tell. He did examine me (glad Chris came so he could take Katie out!) and he said she seems to be sitting low (which confuses me since I can feel her up high a lot of the time-maybe she's tall?!?!) but I'm not dilated so that's good! My mom is planning to be here around the 10th of June since that's only 3 weeks early (Gracie was over 3 weeks early!). I'll feel better once she's here knowing that if something happens, she's here to be with the girls.

I really wanted to go out to eat before church that night, and I really wanted some good Mexican! Since Chris had taken the afternoon off, we left a little early and decided to go a different way to church (trying to find a better way as far as the traffic goes) and go to Pappasitos (one of my new FAVORITES!) Well, we still got in traffic so he got off near the Galleria and tried to find his way and he got lost. We were only about 5-10 minutes late, but I HATE being late to church. At least we got there and somewhat knew where to go once we did get there. Another thing I really like is that this church has a Children's Coordinator who stands in the children's area helping you find the right locations for classes-very helpful for new people & visitors-even when they're late!

Yesterday, I had made plans to meet my friend Valerie (from my OLD college days) down at the Children's Museum for their "Free Family Night" that is held from 5-8. It was going to be a bit of a drive, but then again-what isn't in this town?!? Well, she ended up being sickly, but I still wanted to go, so I went to pick up Chris from work and we headed over. Yes, I did experience some traffic and had to really focus on not thinking about what could happen in traffic like this. Seriously, at one point I started to panic a little when I realized that I was driving in 5 lanes with 5 lanes on the other side--agghhh--but I kept going and God protected us. He has given me bravery because the way I look at it, I've got to get out there and drive in it in order to find my way around and so far He has kept us safe. Thank you! Honestly, I'm just glad I was on the side of the interstate that I was-the other side was packed! That's the side Chris drives home in most of the time, poor thing. But, I must say, he's being a trooper and hasn't complained much at all! I think he knows he better not since he'd been warned and there's not much he can do about it. Plus, he really likes his job and we both feel that overall this is a good move, so I guess he's just willing to deal with it! After the baby is born, he will probably look into carpooling or something so he can use the HOV lane! Also, today is his Friday off, so he was planning to go get a tollway pass which should help too.

Anyway, we got Chris and he took over driving and we went to the museum which was lots of fun-especially since it was FREE admission and reduced parking! The girls really enjoyed it. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, there was a Ballet Folklorico performance which I was anxious for the girls to see since they've never really been exposed to the Mexican culture. It was neat. They also had a story time in the little library there where they listened to a story, did an activity, and got a free book! Good times for all! The Shanks LOVE free things!
We then left and found a place to eat dinner then split up into our separate cars. Thankfully by that time, most of the traffic was gone, but we still got home pretty late so the girls went straight to bed. It was fun though and something I plan to do again!

I'm still waiting to find my "Sisterchick" girlfriends. I suppose only being here 2 weeks might be asking a little too much for me to have already found them, but I do look forward-and have been praying-to find them. That is probably one of the hardest part of this whole thing for me. I am so glad that we found a good school for Gracie to go to where she enjoys being and learning and comes home talking about the things they did that day and different people she interacted with. So glad! Chris has work where he goes to do all his work stuff and he's enjoying that. Then there's me & Katie. I can tell she's bored a lot poor thing. I just don't have much energy these days-ever really-but especially not these days. She misses "our playgroup," etc. and so do I. I know we will find our niche. I'm just not a very patient person!

Our realtor just called. ugh. Please pray that our house sells. She said there are 1500 houses for sale in Aiken! Aiken is not a big town people! Surely the right person will come along. For some reason, I'm not too stressed yet. But it'll be coming if something doesn't happen.

Tonight Chris has arranged for his cousin's wife to watch the girls so we can go out on a date to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow. I'm getting old!!!!!!! I hope to do more celebrating with the girls tomorrow as well.


Miss Hope said...

Happy Birthday, Jacinda!!! I hope you have a wonderful one in your new home. I am still praying for God to send you some sisters!

BrenOaks said...

Moving is always tough. You are doing great!! Wish I could meet you and Valerie at a museum!! How fun!! I can't believe you are getting so close to having that baby! Seems like yesterday you told us you were expecting!! Miss you!

Amy said...

Jacinda, I have enjoyed reading through your recent posts.

We have moved so much, and your words remind me what it is like. But we didn't move when I was pregnant - that's gotta make it interesting!

I understand what you mean about finding your niche and your girlfriends. It does take time, but God hears your prayers and will provide. You seem like someone who makes friends very easily!