Sunday, May 04, 2008

halfway to 70

Happy Birthday to me-yesterday! I'm not too ashamed to admit that I am now 35 years old! Yikes-I'm getting old! Friday after school, we drove over to drop off the girls with Chris's cousin's wife (hereafter known as Pam b/c I'm tired of writing "Chris's cousin's wife!") The girls had been looking forward to spending more time with "Aunt Pam." I think it's because she spoils them and makes them feel special! When we picked them up and Gracie came out with a Target bag full of goodies, I said I think Pam was going to be in trouble when she becomes a grandmother!

Chris & I went to see "Made of Honor" and to eat at a place called "Saltgrass Steakhouse." It was a cute movie although quite inappropriate in parts (it may be PG-13, but I certainly wouldn't take my 13 year old to see it!) The food was good-I LOVE some chicken fried steak! Yummo! We got back to pick up the girls and it was easy to see that Katie had taken up with Chris's cousin (hereafter known as C2-we call him that b/c his dad's name was Carroll and his name is Carroll, thus C2.) He was carrying her around, and it was obvious he was captive to her every whim. Katie LOVES men! It was funny when we left, she said something about playing a game with "Aunt Pam and that boy." HA!

It took awhile to get home because they live quite a distance from us + we had to get off the interstate at one point due to the police cars & flares in the middle of the road. We still have no idea why b/c we saw no wreck or construction or anything. We ended up turning around and going a different way that didn't involve the interstate. We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got home.

Saturday morning, Chris & the girls went out to pick up doughnuts and a birthday cake while I slept in! When they got home, the girls gave me their cards they'd made and I got a pretty Brighton watch from Chris! When we lived in Texas before, I'd liked Brighton things. In South Carolina, no one really seemed to know much about that brand, but now that I'm back and saw one of their stores the other day I'm intrigued again. He did a good job of picking it out! At first I wasn't sure about it having the yellow gold on it, but it really makes sense b/c my wedding ring is yellow gold and I tend to wear my watch on my left arm, so it looks nice.

We stayed at home most of the morning then went to check out the bargains at the outlet mall. I am IN LOVE with the Gymboree outlet store. Seriously, I love their clothes but rarely buy any at the regular store b/c I'm so "thrifty." I got 2 cute outfits for Gracie, a cute shirt for next Fall for her, and an outfit for the baby. The lady behind me said, "Wow, you did good" when she heard the total. I love a good bargain! The outfits I got Gracie are ones she can wear now too-still in season! I also love Carter's! I finally gave in and got the girls some Crocs! I've never really gotten everyone's fascination with them, but since there was an outlet I gave in. I have to admit to liking them pretty well-Gracie's style more so than Katie's-and the girls both really like them.

We ate lunch at a little pizza place then came home for naps! I think Gracie is the only one who didn't crash. We were all still pretty full from lunch & birthday cake, so we didn't end up eating 'til pretty late. I had leftovers from the night before and Chris & the girls had popcorn while watching "The Bee Movie." I guess you could call that "Super Silly Supper Night." We also spent a little time outside letting Katie ride her bike. We can't find Gracie's helmet yet, but she did spend a little time on her scooter.

We were very proud of Gracie on Friday when she came home with her progress report. She's only been there 2 weeks, but she had all A's in 5 different subjects! High A's too. We're very happy!

This morning, we visited yet another church. It was quite a big larger than the ones we've visited already. There were many good things about it, but I think we're still drawn to the 2nd one we've visited and plan to go back there tonight. The girls are sleeping (supposed to be anyway), Chris is channel surfing, and I'm messing around the apartment. I was going to sleep but wasn't really tired and I figured I'd feel weird if I made myself sleep.
I'm spending lots of time on "facebook" these days, so if my blogging is slower that's part of the reason why........


Kendra said...

Yumm . .Saltgrass! We don't go to "nice" places very often, but when we are on a date with no kids, this is one of our favorite! Steak schiskabobs . . .yumm . . .

Happy Birthday to you - I've been at the "halfway to 70" mark since November and I still forget I'm that old. Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

I'll be halfway to 90 in a month so... halfway to 70 sounds WAY cool!

Alissa said...

Super Silly Supper Night! I think that is great! I still think that was one of the funniest conversations EVER!

Happy Birthday again! I am glad it was great!

We ran into a little store in Alabama that had Brighton things. Some of them were super super expensive, and all were gorgeous...just like your watch. It looks so much like you. So great that Chris knows you so well!

TMK said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Love the watch. So glad you are in Texas again. Even though we are 3 hours away from each other.

Krista said...

Happy Birthday, Jacinda!! We love Saltgrass! And I LOVE Brighton everything . . . their items last forever and if they don't, they replace it for almost free!! =) Tell Chris and the girls 'hi' for us! BKB3

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Hi, hope you don't mind me commenting here, I am a friend of TMK so she can vouch for me that I am harmless! We used to live in Houston and I had to drive all over Houston with my job so I can sympathize with the traffic woes. If you have not already done so, buy yourself a "key map" or whatever they call them now, a map of Houston that is in book form. That way when you get stuck in a traffic jam you can whip out your trusty book and find an alternate way around it. Give yourself a few months and you will not even be fazed by the traffic. It is really just a matter of getting used to it.
I pray that your house will sell soon and that you will be able to find the church that suits you best. And that this sweet little baby girl will stay put until everything is in place for her safe arrival. Blessings

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday!

I have had two Brighton watches with that same face.

Glad you are settling in!

The Hinshaws said...

OK your former "Big Sis", I forbid you to use the term "halfway to 70". Especially in such big, bold letters. What's wrong with "17.5 times 2"? That sounds much more flattering, doesn't it?
Of course, since I am still 29, I can't imagine what you much be feeling! ;) Happy Birthday!

SG said...

I had no idea Julie was your big sis! Small ACU world!
Could have sworn I commented on this earlier but guess not.


I am not going to be in Houston as planned. Too many things going on here. But I hope to get with yo at some point. :) Glad all is going well!