Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just posted Saturday night but wanted to update on my Mother's Day. The girls came in to wish me "Happy Mother's Day" while Chris worked on cooking us omelettes for breakfast. I got to read my cards from Chris & the girls as well as a cute poem that Gracie had done at school. I also got to open up a pretty necklace from 'James Avery' that Chris had chosen.

We went to church this morning where we placed membership. We've visited a few different churches since being here and felt that this one was the best fit. Since we decided to move to Houston, we had anticipated where we would decide to attend church and enlarge our Christian family. Well, I guess these Christians have already been a part of our Christian family, we just haven't known them yet. Our church in Aiken will always have a special place in our hearts and will always be a part of our Christian family; it's just that now we're beginning to get to know more members of this extended family. I am a 'creature of habit,' so it will take time to adjust to a new congregation and figure out exactly where we fit in, but we feel good about making this decision and look forward to getting involved.

One thing I really like about this church is the activities available for the children. From what I've seen so far, I like the classes offered for Gracie and Katie. For the elementary children, they have a really neat Sunday morning Bible Class program that hits on all sorts of different learning styles while also emphasizing memory verses & daily Bible reading. I'm still trying to get used to everything, but it looks good from what I've seen. I also picked up some pamphlets this morning that told about an 'art camp' for K-5th grade they'll be having this summer that will focus on art activities based on Bible stories. This sounds like something WONDERFUL for Gracie to do! However, I was thinking it would be kind of hard to drop off Gracie for that and not Katie because I knew Katie would be upset. Then I read the next pamphlet I'd picked up that told about a mini day camp called 'Creation Station' for ages 2-5 that will be held the same week! Both are reasonably priced and something I really hope the girls will be able to participate in. The only problem is the timing. When they are holding these camps, our new little baby won't be very old and with having a c-section, I'm not sure I'll be cleared to be driving yet at that time. So, it really remains to be seen whether or not they'll be able to attend, but I'm hoping to work something out because I know they would both LOVE them! I don't know if it's going to work out for them to attend VBS at our new church because it will probably be very soon after the new baby-and it's at night which is when it takes the longest to get there-so this other thing would be really great for them to attend. The children's coordinator asked me for my email address tonight because she said she usually sends out a Monday morning email with updates about any children's activities-it's neat to feel a part of this new family! I met the lady who is in charge of the nursery also, and she was eager to find out we're expecting and explained about the classes for the baby. We were also happy to see that starting in June they will have a parenting class on Sunday mornings-maybe we can learn a few new tricks!

We had a little excitement this morning after church when we LOST Gracie! I was trying so hard not to panic, but I'll admit that I was a little bit. Right before church was over I noticed she was kind of "bouncing" which usually means she has to go to the bathroom. Sure enough, as soon as it was over, she said she had to go. I told her to go straight out that door to the bathroom and come straight back and we'd wait right there. Well, after about a minute I decided I'd go too and figured I'd meet her in the bathroom or on her way back. I told Chris that I'd told her we'd wait there for her. When I got into the bathroom, I noticed she wasn't in there and I hadn't passed her. I thought it was strange but figured I'd just missed her or she'd maybe gone to a different one. I came out and Chris was standing in the hall but didn't have her. That's when I really started getting nervous. Do you notice that I said Chris was standing in the hall---which was NOT where I'd told him that I'd told her we would wait?!

So we went back into the auditorium but she wasn't there. I started walking faster, looking all around for her. I knew she wouldn't wander far, but this is a large church building and there were probably 700+ people there and I'm imagining all the people who could walk in off the street and grab her. (paranoid I know!) I checked the other bathroom and didn't see her. I was really getting panicked now. Chris went back into the auditorium again. Finally, I hear her call me and turn around to see her coming in from outside. Lots of people-including us usually-congregate outside in the courtyard. The preacher's wife (who had been in her class that morning) was with her and had been helping her find us. I guess she had gone back to where I'd told her we'd wait for her (remember Chris didn't stay there!) and we weren't there and she got a little scared. *sheesh* The preacher's wife (I forgot her name) was really nice and said she understood how I felt. I'll admit to giving Chris a hard time about this one! :-)

After that, we left and had lunch at Macaroni Grill. It was a PERFECT meal! Seriously, it was so good and I look forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow. Once we got home, I slept the majority of the afternoon and then we went back to church tonight. I am finishing off my night watching "Deliver Me" on Discovery Health. It makes me cry-I'm sure it has a lot to do with my hormones! I need to NOT watch the c-sections though; some things just need to be left to my imagination!

Tomorrow starts another work/school week. Gracie has Field Day this week, and I look forward to seeing her do this with her class. I go back to the doctor for an u/s & visit later this week too.

Here is a picture of my 2 sweet girls!


preacherman said...

I have blessed to have come across your blog.
I am a minister in South Texas that graduated from LCU. I was born and raised in Abilene. I love ACU. I want you to know that I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more in the future.

I wondering if you could take a few moments of your time and stop by my blog and leave an encouraging message for a family who is hurting beyond imagination. I know God tells us he won't ever give us what we can't handle but this family has been pushed to the limits. So please...take two minutes to make a difference in this family.

I hope you have a blessed week.
In HIm,
Kinney Mabry

preacherman said...

I hope it is okay if I add your blog to my favs. I really enjoyed reading your post.

Miss Hope said...

I'm so glad you've found a church! We've been here almost two years and still searching for a "home". Its gotten so frustrating and I'm so disheartened.

Happy Mother's Day!

Krista said...

Wow . . . you've already placed membership! That's GREAT! That was fast! =) I think we visited 26 churches over a 6 month period when we moved to this area over 5 years ago now. I guess it's been a couple of weeks since we last talked!

Lisa said...

I am glad you found a new 'home' and that you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Which necklace did you get? LOVE JA. I know that panicky feeling, happened a few times and I have even dreamt it. The worst. Glad she was in safe hands and that it did not last too long. Happy belated Mother's Day to a wonderful Mom!

Krista said...

We are a GO!!!! YAY!!!!

Jill said...

Of course I remember you!!!! My parents had just told me last week that they thought you guys were moving to TX soon. I cannot believe how big your girls have gotten,they are precious! I'm glad I'll be able to keep up with you all now!

Amy said...

I'm glad you are getting settled in Houston. Finding a church home is probably the most important step, and it sounds like you have found a great family there.

Happy Mother's Day!

I LOVE Macaroni Grill.

Anonymous said...

Come read my blog and leave a comment. I wrote about a funny thing. I loved your today story. I am glad you found a church. When I come see my sister I will give you a call! Love you!