Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everyone needs a Mimi & a ChaCha

Just one of the sweet things about Ellie right now (there are MANY sweet things of course!!!!) is her love for "Mimi" and "ChaCha." We're not sure where the names came from, but somehow she started calling these 2 bunnie "lovies" Mimi & ChaCha. Mimi kind of got banished for a few days. We're not sure what happened, but after Mimi got washed last week, Ellie decided she didn't like her anymore. She would scream & cry and push her away. It seems that she is being accepted again, but ChaCha definitely took the place as "1st best friend" for a day or two. Sometimes she calls ChaCha Mimi which I think is weird and don't understand (unless she's just like her Mommy and can't remember their names...kind of like me calling the girls by the wrong name LOL). Ellie is such a sweet, feisty baby!!!!!!



One thing that's not quite as cute about Ellie right now is her love for her paci, or "BaBa" as she calls it. At home, it seems that there is no way she could go to sleep without her. However, she doesn't use it at Friendship School, so I THINK this is really more of Chris & mine's problem! She just seems so pitiful sometimes and really seems to love it, so we give in. The doctor said "2" is her age to want them to give it up, so we have a bit more time. (Not much though!) I did buy her new ones the other day because I figured the old ones were probably gross with germs from being used so much and dropped, etc. I bought the cheap 99 cents for 2 kind. I wasn't going to invest a lot of money since we're hoping she drops the habit soon!

Here she is pretending to go "night night." Look at those tightly closed eyes. She's such a silly baby!

I'm so thankful for my little girl!

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MB said...

she is just too adorable!!!