Sunday, April 25, 2010

pigtails, softball, & violin

A couple of weeks ago, I put Ellie's hair up into pigtails. So stinkin' cute!!!!! Her hair has only been cut once, about 7 or 8 weeks ago, and it has already grown so much. The curls have stayed, thankfully, and are so nice & thick, even more so than before.

Yesterday was a fabulous day! It was so beautiful; perhaps even more so because the forecast had called for storms, so when it turned out to be so pretty, it was appreciated.

Due to low numbers, Gracie has now joined Katie's softball team which is quite exciting for us all. Gracie is really doing us a favor by being on the team; I could tell she didn't really want to be on it, but she agreed to it because we asked her if she would help them out. Judging by the smile on her face, I think she enjoyed it! If you ask her, she still acts rather noncommital about liking it, but she acted like she enjoyed it...and did really well!
She is allllll legs in her uniform! ha!
It was really funny here when she was batting and accidentally let go of the bat! LOL

Here are the 2 sisters playing outfield together!
It was fun to have some friends from church come watch the girls play this week. Russell had a game after the girls, so we were able to watch him play some, too.
At practice earlier in the week, sweet Ellie wanted to be a part of the action. It is hard on her when her Daddy comes home and 10 minutes later he is out on the field and not able to play with her. He takes her out there sometimes, but it's a bit easier for him to help the big girls if she's not with him. This week, she was distracted by sticks and a couple of little boys who were playing, so that was good.

At the game yesterday, Ellie decided she needed to be like her big sisters and wear the helmet!

After the game, we went home and ate lunch and Gracie & Katie got cleaned up because Gracie had a violin recital that afternoon.
Here are my 3 sweet girls in front of some beautiful Spring flowers.

Here is the best Daddy ever being silly before the recital.

Gracie with her violin teacher.

playing in the recital-she did a fantastic job!
After the recital, we went back home, then Chris & Gracie left for a "date" together while Katie, Ellie, & I took a nap! :) We then met Chris & Gracie later to watch "Oceans." It was a really good movie. I think God must have had tons of fun the day He created sea creatures! There are some beautiful-and weird looking-ones out there! The movie talked about wondering where the ocean came from, etc. I'm glad to know that God had a plan all along for the ocean and all of its creatures!

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Cindy Deister said...

What a great day! Gracie looks soooo pretty in her pink dress! I loved it when the bat flew out of her hands! That's like something I would do, except someone would have been injured... ;)