Saturday, April 10, 2010

Katie's 1st Softball Game!

Today was the day...Katie's 1st Softball game! She was so excited. She told me last night (paraphrased) that she was excited that it was getting darker because that meant tomorrow was coming! Sure enough, she was the first one out of bed for her 8:00 AM game! I was glad of that because she can be a bit draggy when it comes to getting out of bed, and she didn't go to bed til probably close to 10, but she was up and at 'em! We didn't get her jersey & visor until we got to the game, so we weren't sure what kind of socks to get, and we couldn't really find the right kind anyway at the last minute last night, so pink socks is what she was wearing with her blue shirt! I will be making a trip to Academy this week to get the right color socks!

She did a great job playing and going after the ball when the other team hit it. We're a bit confused about the teams. I thought we were playing in a 6 & 7 year old league, but I guess there aren't very many teams, so there were some old & big players on the other team! Oh well! It started sprinkling before the game and then thunder came, causing them to say we had to suspend the game. After about 10 minutes, they called the game, causing tears & wailing from Katie! A bit embarrassing! One of the dads said he liked it that she was so into wanting to play! LOL

Ready for the game to start.

with the teams saying the YMCA pledge (?) before the game

playing outfield

eating a cinnamon roll afterwards!
Ellie has been sick with the flu, but we took her to the game. We figured she wasn't going to be in anyone's face or playing with anyone since we don't know people that well yet, so contagion wasn't an issue, plus she's been on her flu meds since Thurday. She did okay but was a bit fussy. Of course, she might have been fussy anyway! She didn't seem to have fever this morning, but she has this afternoon, so it looks like no church for her and either Chris or myself in the morning....again! :( We'll see about tomorrow evening. I pray she gets well soon. She is better but obviously still suffering some from it...feverish, clingy, congested, fussy. Poor thing.

Katie has been bugging Chris to go on a date, so the 2 of them are out this afternoon to see "How To Train A Dragon." I've heard it's really cute. Gracie & I may go later. Ellie necessitates the 'switch off.' I don't want her to grow up too quickly, but it will make it easier to do things like movies as a family!
Katie made this cute list the other day that melted her daddy's heart. She is a daddy's girl for sure!


janjanmom said...

She is so cute!! I am so happy that she loves playing so much-what a blessing! It's so hard when they end up not really wanting to play and you have to finish the season anyway. ( ;

That to-do list may be the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I wish my to-do list looked like that, I'm gonna go re-write it now.

Cindy Deister said...

Love her list, and LOVE Katie! My kind of girl for sure!