Thursday, April 01, 2010

Katie's 1st Softball Practice

Today was Katie's 1st softball practice! They practiced running, throwing, catching, & hitting...all of the basics. A lot of dads are kind of going to serve as 'coaches,' with no real Head Coach. I think it's going to work out well though, as there are 5 of them who have agreed to do what they can to help, and the one kind of in charge tonight did a great job of leading everyone. I'm excited to see how this season goes!

Run, Katie, Run!

Learning how to throw. She couldn't find her glove before practice, so she had to use Chris's. A liiiiitle big! She found hers as soon as Chris reminded her where he had told her to put it!

Wow; we need to work on the fear issue when it comes to catching the ball! LOL

Look at her form throwing! Perhaps a bit high..........hahaha

Hit it out of the park, Katie!

Gracie is such a great big sister and did a superb job of helping to entertain Ellie!

Catch it, Katie!

Chasing after biggest sissy after practice.

Our sweet little Ellie!

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