Thursday, March 17, 2011

choir, princess, RODEO

Gracie has enjoyed being in the 5th grade choir at her school this year. She has 1 more big performance in about a week, and then she's all done. Last week, they performed after the PTA meeting. They did a really great job, even performing songs from Annie & a Tony Bennett song!

Ellie has enjoyed some dress up time lately and even went to pick up her sisters from school in her 'princess' outfit. Of course, Mimi had to come along, too!

I enjoyed attending the opening night of Rodeo Houston with some girlfriends from church. Very fun night, eating fair food, watching the bulls, & laughing our way through the Clay Walker concert. We were in awe at some of the clothing. Does that make us old? Even at a younger age, I'm not sure any of us would have worn some of the things we saw! LOL Thanks to Skip, one of our friends from church and President of the Rodeo, we had awesome seats! He's great to help us out!

Fun friends!

You can't go anywhere with Kerri without laughing! LOL

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