Thursday, March 31, 2011

fishing, POWER, choir, farewell

We spent some time a few Saturdays ago fishing in the neighborhood. Gracie & Katie each caught something. I think Gracie caught 3, but we're pretty sure at least 2 of them were the same fish!

Gracie was pretty brave when it came to the worms. Braver than me!

Daddy with his girls.

After fishing, it seemed a good day to climb a tree!

We were soooooooo proud of Gracie when her POWER essay was chosen as the WINNER of all the 5th grade essays. POWER is similar to DARE. She got to read her essay in front of everyone at the evening POWER graduation. She did a fabulous job writing the essay, as well as reading it in front of everyone!

Of course there were refreshments!

Last Saturday, we went to Moody Gardens in Galveston to watch Gracie's 5th grade choir perform. They did such a good job!

Sunday evening was bittersweet. We said "good bye" to our wonderful Children's Director as she & her husband have moved to Dallas to work with a different church. Jennifer always did such a great job with our children, and she is already dearly missed. *sniff, sniff* We are looking forward to having our newly hired Children's Director join us in June. Jennifer left BIG flip flops to fill :) but I feel confident that Amanda will be great as well.

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