Thursday, March 17, 2011

visit with Pappy & Grammer

The girls enjoyed having Grammer & Pappy here for a surprise visit this last week! Ellie enjoyed being 'wocked' (here, I think she is playing possum!) and having a tea party with Grammer (who taught her how to hold out her pinky).
Friday, G&K had school and Chris had work, but Ellie, Grammer, & Pappy and I went to a local place that has a great restaurant, shop & nursery. Mom helped me choose some more flowers for some pots in our yard. Not long after G&K got home from school, Chris got home and he & I headed to the rodeo & Lady Antebellum concert! night! :) Gotta love the free babysitting provided by grandparents! :) Due to a bit of miscommunication, we didn't have good "Skip seats" this time, like when I went to Clay Walker and Chris and G&K went to Selena Gomez, but we still had a fun time. Gotta see how the other half lives, right? LOL
The next day, we headed BACK to the rodeo with all of us! Well, this time we didn't actually go to the rodeo, but we went to the livestock show & carnival. I just knew Mom & Dad couldn't be here during this time and not experience this Houston event! They don't have too many things like this in Atlanta!
We spent a good portion of the day there, looking at the animals, eating, somewhat accidentally catching a Ranch Rodeo, doing the carnival, etc. It was a long day but really fun and pretty much perfect weather!
I wasn't a big fan of the ferris wheel, but apparently the rest of them liked it! Next time, I think I'll let someone else use my 10 tickets it took to ride it! LOL
Aren't you supposed to kiss while on the ferris wheel?

Katie was much less interested in the rides than winning fabulous prizes at the games!

Ellie was brave enough to pet Beauregard. He is Elsie, the Borden cow's, baby.
Daddy helping identify the animals.


In Kids' Country, they have a really neat farm exhibit that I found to be very well organized & educational. Very cute & fun!

Grammer decided the cowboy hat would help keep the sun off of her face! Yee Haw, Grammer!

feeding the chickens their corn

planting their vegetables

looking at the sheep

milking the cow

We kind of stumbled upon a Ranch Rodeo while looking for the llamas, so we watched for awhile. A smaller version of the big rodeo; still entertaining.

Katie & Ellie in the tractor!

finally found the llamas....interesting animals

...and alpacas

It was a long day, but fun!

Katie was a tired girl!
Grammer & Pappy, ready for church with the girls

After church Sunday night, we went for pizza where Pappy helped Ellie "play" video games
We introduced Pappy & Grammer to SKYPE, by talking with Gramps & Gramme. Now, we just need Pappy & Grammer to get it so we can talk to them & see them at the same time.
Monday was a rainy kind of day most of the day. Tuesday started out prettier. Before taking Grammer & Pappy back to the airport, we took the girls to the park, ate lunch, then headed to the airport. As usual, it went too quickly, but we're glad they were able to come! Unfortunately, Mom & I ended up not feeling well by the time the visit was over....headache, swollen throats, etc. Who gave it who??? Guess we'll never know! ;)

Gracie & the top!
That slide went faster than either of them expected! LOL
Katie, concentrating on the monkey bars.

Pappy, helping Ellie do the monkey bars.
It was a fun visit!

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