Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy 7th birthday, Katie Brooklyn Shanks!

Thursday, March 10 was Katie's 7th birthday!!!!!!!!!! It's so hard to believe our sweet Katie Boo is 7 years old! She is so FULL of life. She feels each & every emotion so deeply, whether it's happiness, sadness, frustration, don't have to guess how she feels about a situation! LOL We love her soooooo much & are eternally grateful to God for allowing us to be her parents! :)

She is currently working hard at completing reading the New Testament in 90 Days as part of a challenge at church. She is doing a good job. She is doing a great job in school, too. She still loves to play outside but also likes reading a lot. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are her new favorites!

She requested my homemade brownies to be her treat for friends at school! (and yes, her teacher approved the homemade brownies to be brought!)

The biggest surprise Katie got for her birthday was that after school, we went to run a special errand that involved us driving to the airport. By the time she realized we were at the airport, I think she figured out what was going on.....we were picking up Grammer & Pappy!!!!!!!!! She told them, "You coming was on my list of things I wanted!" LOL It was fun!
We crawled home from the airport....bad traffic....then made her requested bday dinner. Tortellini with this special sauce we like (like a tomato cream sauce). We also had salad & garlic bread and more brownies! She requested those over a cake.

Can you tell she's excited?!

She enjoyed opening gifts after dinner. (Notice the's been a long day! LOL)

We love our sweet Katie boo!

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