Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springtime, Reading Restaurant, & Softball

Spring has arrived! Well, for the most part anyway. We've actually had some cooler days lately, but it's still been really nice. Ellie & Katie find themselves playing in the backyard while I'm making dinner and waiting on Daddy to get home. This little cozy coupe was a hand me down from a friend in South Carolina who got it as a hand me down from some family of hers. I think she decided it's probably about 18-19 years old. That's what I call a well made (& well loved) toy! Ellie enjoyed doing her own homework the other day while Gracie did hers. Yesterday, I enjoyed Reading Restaurant with Katie. It was such a cute 1st grade activity! Chef Katie Showing off her reading. My souvenir flower. Our greeting to the "restaurant."

If you give a mouse a cookie.....or if you give Katie a cookie....

The 2011 softball season is upon us! Katie is excited to play again, especially with Daddy as her coach this year and a good friend playing on her team!

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