Sunday, May 08, 2011

Birthday & Mother's Day

Poor Ellie has been telling me Happy Birthday today even though it's not my's Mother's Day. LAST week was my birthday, so she is just confused with all the celebrating we've been doing. LOL

My birthday was Tuesday, the 3rd. My celebration began Monday, when I had lunch with Cindy....

....and dessert at Ooh La La, of course!

The next morning, my actual birthday, began with the girls preparing breakfast for me.

Katie gave me a present....

filled with some special items....presented a la Katie style!

Gracie wrote me a very sweet poem and made me a cute pipe cleaner figurine of me sweeping. :) (You can click on the picture to make it larger....not sure why some of these have loaded in the wrong direction.)

Ellie & I went to Ladies Bible Class, and I was able to enjoy lunch with some ladies afterwards.

We enjoyed dinner that night at Taste of Texas!

I was so happy to receive a Mother's bracelet from Chris & the girls! I was so sad (still am) that the original one I had was stolen when we were broken into, so I was beyond thrilled to get a new one.

I also received some sweet gifts from some friends & money from family. It was a good birthday!

Saturday, Chris served me breakfast in bed to start off Mother's Day weekend. I love his omelettes!

My sweet girls after Katie's softball game.

(I have no idea why these pictures loaded in the wrong direction. Some of them aren't in the wrong direction on my computer...until I load them on here. argh!)

Katie made me this flower coupon for Mother's Day. She made it at school. Very sweet. (Again, so sorry the picture is upside down! You can click on the picture to make it larger.)

She also made me this sweet book.

Ellie made me this sweet flower in Bible Class this morning.

She made this sweet card at Friendship it!

Katie gave me this card this morning, along with this special vacuum cleaner invention. :)

Gracie gave me this sweet card, along with the pretty picture on canvas she painted.

I got a gift card to Mardel's, along with a very pretty bracelet Gracie picked out for me with the verse about "Her children will rise & call her blessed." Very sweet.

Chris & the girls cooked me lunch after church, which was great, especially since I got to relax during the cooking & clean up! :)

My birthday & Mother's Day were great!

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Brittany Elizabeth said...

What a sweet, sweet family you have! So glad that you had such a wonderful week full of love from friends and family! You guys are so precious!