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Sisterchicks in New York City...Day 5

Day 5

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who would think that a trip so long in the planning could already be over? Today was our last day in New York City. Well, for THIS trip anyway. We'll hopefully be back again!

We started out the morning getting packed up and having the hotel store our luggage until we were ready to head to the airport. We stopped at Starbucksand then headed to Magnolia Bakery. Yum! I got a Lemon Cupcake, which to be honest, was just so-so and a Dream Bar which was really good (similar to a Hello Dolly if you know what that is). Cindy won the prize with the cinnamon sugar muffin she got. It was delicious! The bakery was so vintage & cute which made it even more fun to visit.

This was our view as we ate, near Rockefeller Center. We shared with the little birdies just a bit. Those birds certainly picked the right place to reside.

We went back to Trump Tower to visit the gift shop and stopped by FAO Schwarz. The soldier doorman was very friendly and oh so used to having his picture taken.

We headed to the Water Taxi which turned out to be one of our favorite things about the trip. Over an hour of traveling over the water, viewing Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and The Manhattan Bridge. It was a great tour with a great crewman who took many pictures for us (for which we tipped!)

After the tour, we ended up near Wall Street.

We made our way back to Little Italy for one more cannoli. *love* We loved listening to this man ask us, "What can I get ya, Doll?" in his Italian accent.

...and to hear this guy tell us they cost, "2 Dolla" was something we don't hear too often in Texas! One of the funniest things was when the older guy asked where we were from. I said we were from Texas. He said, very loudly, "Oh! You're from BUSH Country! You're a Republican!" It was really funny!

The view from one of our cab rides.

This was a trip Melissa & I dreamed of years ago after reading several of the Sisterchick books by Robin Jones Gunn. We were both so happy to see it come to a reality!

We stopped for lunch at Food Emporium, which was a grocery store near our hotel. We got things and ate right there in the store. We sat there eating, looking out the window, watching the seemingly homeless girl...with a dog...and a cell phone...wondering how all of those things go together. Lots of people to be prayed for in everywhere of course.

Melissa & Mary Beth had an earlier flight than us, so they headed out to La Guardia via cab.

Cindy was the queen of the Subway map, and she figured out a way for us get to JFK via Subway ($10 total vs. $56 total for the cab!) so we decided we'd try the adventure. It worked out well.

We were tired & bummed that Mary Beth & Melissa were gone but glad we had each other for the trip back to Houston.

We are all so blessed to have had this trip and thankful to God for giving us the gift of each other. I'm thankful for my husband who lovingly & happily sent me on my way and happily took over Dad AND Mom roles, and did so with love & no grudges towards me. It is truly a blessing to have a husband who understands & supports my need for this time with my friends. He is a gift from God. I'm thankful for my girls and pray they will grow up with close, God loving girlfriends they can enjoy time with as well. I am thankful to have a family I was happy to come home to! I missed them greatly and reunion was sweet!

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