Friday, May 06, 2011

Sisterchicks in New York City....Day 4

Day 4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We started out Sunday morning having a short worship service, with communion, in our hotel room. We then went to St. Patrick's to attend Mass. None of us are Catholic, but we were all curious as to what a Mass service would be like, so we went. The cathedral is simply beautiful!

After Mass, we walked over to Rockefeller Center, which is just pretty COOL! It was so neat to see the ice skating rink that I see so often on t.v., although I do have to say that it seems much smaller in person. I'd love to see the Christmas tree all lit up!

St. Patrick's & Rockefeller Center weren't far from our hotel, and we walked by Radio City Music Hall on the way.....

......even though it wasn't far, all that walking was making some of our feet hurt! LOL

You may notice MB has an NBC bag in her hand. The NBC Experience Store was really neat. I was able to get Chris' souvenirs there....stuff from The Office...perfect!

We ate lunch at a place called "The Shake Shack." After that, we headed down to see the Statue of Liberty.
Due to our reservation at The Plaza, we didn't have time to do a tour that afternoon, so we decided we would come back the next day to do the Water Taxi. The tour that takes you out to the island was about a 3-4 hour wait (no, thank you!) then you would wait in line for things once you GOT to the island. We did the Water Taxi which turned out to be fabulous, but I'll talk about that in Day 5!

At some point, Cindy went to find the 'High Line,' which was something Cade was really wanting her to see. Melissa, MB, & I headed towards Columbus Circle & Central Park. Melissa encouraged MB & I to do a pedi-cab through Central Park since we hadn't done that before. She had done it before, so she went & did some shopping.

Central Park was beautiful, and our pedi-cab driver was entertaining, although perhaps not completely factual. was fun!

We all rushed to the hotel to change clothes to get ready for tea at The Plaza! We were very excited, and it did not disappoint. It was beautiful, elegant, delicious, and something every girl should experience at some point in their life.

After having tea, we headed back to Rockefeller Center to get tickets to go to the Top 'o the Rock. That was also a neat experience with beautiful views!

Believe it or not, after being at the Top, we were headed to eat again! LOL We had heard wonderful things about Serendipity and their frozen hot chocolate. Well...the frozen hot chocolate was pretty yummy, and it WAS a good thing we had reservations, but in general, we were underwhelmed. The appetizers we ordered were just okay. Our waiter was pretty nice, but the other staff was quite rude. Oh well. I would try it again, but it certainly wasn't in our Top Ten.

Day 4 more day to go! Such good memories......

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