Friday, May 06, 2011

Sisterchicks in New York City....Day 3

Day 3
Saturday, April 16, 2011

We started out Saturday with no alarms set and enjoying breakfast in the hotel. It was nice to start the day a little slower than the previous 2 days had been.

We spent some time at Ground Zero. I don't think I could do justice to how you feel when you visit this area. It's just unreal to try to imagine the horror, fear, disbelief, & sadness that the people in the area must have felt on September 11, 2001. I know the feelings I had hundreds of miles away.

There is a lot of construction in the area, as they are building a memorial and also building another building. We visited the church across the street: St. Paul's Chapel. It is literally directly across the street, and they say not one piece of the stained glass was broken throughout the whole ordeal. Amazing. The church building served as a place for rescue workers to come & sleep and receive food throughout the recovery process. We were blessed to happen upon a volunteer rescue worker who was being interviewed for a documentary. It was amazing to stand & listen to him tell his story and see him get choked up from reliving the details.

It was quite cold on Saturday...windy...rainy...lovely. :) We found a Starbucks, hoping to use the restroom. Well, we did, but we waited forEVER as there was only 1. When you gotta go, you gotta go! :)

After leaving Starbucks, I was able to check something off of my bucket list. I bought a hot dog from a New York City hot dog vendor!!!!!!!!

We visited Toys R Us (was that Saturday??) which is HUGE and was VERY crowded. Neat to see...especially the ferris wheel in the middle of the store, but I think we were all about ready to leave by the time we did!

We went to American Girl!!!!!!!! This was on my MUST DO list, as Gracie loves her Molly doll (even now at age 10) and I really wanted to get something for her. I ended up getting matching pajamas for her & Molly. Very cute!

We visited Tiffany's. So pretty.

Trump Tower. Quite impressive. We asked the elevator guard if Mr. Trump was in and if we could talk to him to let him know what the 'normal' people in America think, but sadly, he wasn't in. LOL

Like I mentioned before, Saturday was COLD, WINDY, & RAINY! Our sweet friend, Melissa, told us that our dinner place wasn't really that far away. So, we started walking. Wow. We have different interpretations of very far away. LOLOLOLOLOL We were soaked by the time we got there but couldn't do much more than laugh about it at that point. After 13 blocks in the rain, thunder, & lightning, what else could we do?! LOL

I had to take a picture of the St. Regis. Remember from Annie? "I'm Lily St. Regis. Named for the hotel."

Our dinner that night at Tony diNapoli's was AMAZING. It was family style Italian and so yummy. The Italian atmosphere and accents were so fun to be around. This is one I'd like to go back to as there were many things I'd like to try.

This picture was taken about 2 minutes after our fabulous Tiramisu was set in front of us. Oh my. Delicious!

3rd day complete. :)

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