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Sisterchicks in New York City....Day 2

NYC Day 2
Friday, April 19, 2011

Friday morning started out early with us going to see Regis & Kelly! Well, okay, Regis wasn't there, but we survived. :) Kelly was funny & so, so pretty (although a bit too skinny in my opinion). We had a few criticisms of her, but you know, no one's perfect. I'm glad we were able to experience being in the live audience for this show.

I consider myself to have a pretty good memory, but I must admit, we did so much while in NY that some of the details have already escaped me. I'll try to do my best with recalling the details.

We decided to eat lunch at Ellen's Stardust Diner. We got in the back of a really long line outside the restaurant. We asked a girl in front of us if this was the line to get inside, and she indicated yes, although I wasn't sure she really understood. One of us finally decided to walk up to the door, about the same time that one of us asked someone else. It was then that we discovered that THIS was the line for a tour. The restaurant had no waiting inside! Glad we didn't stand there too long!

We'd heard that Ellen's was a fun place to go because aspiring Broadway actors & actresses are waiters & waitresses and perform in between serving. It was a fun place to be!

In the afternoon, Mary Beth & I decided to ride the 'Sky Ride' (not so much of a great idea, but it gave us a loooooong time to talk while in line! LOL) We also rode up to the top of the Empire State Building. Once up there, the view was breathtaking!

Cindy ended up going to the top also, but she didn't do the Sky Ride, so she was in a different line. She met up with Melissa later, who declined to go to the top. She'd done it a few years ago and isn't so fond of heights. She spent some time in Macy's! Mary Beth & I actually never went in there. It'll be on the list for next time. :)

Friday night was the time we'd ALL been waiting for: WICKED!!!!!!!!!! We were very excited to get dressed up and go to Broadway! We ate dinner beforehand at a place called, 'Fig & Olive.'

Cheese board:

appetizer...what was it called...crostini? I think that's what it was. You could choose different topping for them.

There are NO words to describe how AMAZING Wicked was. Truly incredible and an experience I'm so glad I had.

Our pretty toes. ;)'s fun dressing up, but going BACK to Juniors and getting cheesecake to take back to the hotel room and eat in our pajamas is more my style! :)

A couple of random pictures from Friday:

1st day & 2nd day written..........more to come...........

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