Monday, July 25, 2005

crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, & broccoli

Last week, we told Gracie to think about what or where she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner on Thursday. I asked her today if she'd decided. She said yes then thought about it. She then said she wanted "chicken-the crispy kind." I said, "fried chicken?" She agreed. I said, "okay, and what else? mashed potatoes?" She agreed. I asked her what else. She thought for a few more minutes then said, "broccoli."


What kind of 5 year old asks for broccoli for a birthday dinner?!?! Apparently, my sweet 5 year old. A little odd perhaps, but still sweet! Chris & I are just wondering why in the world she didn't choose something like 'Burger King.' Would have been alot easier. I don't have a clue how to make good fried chicken. I think that part of the dinner may come from good 'ole KFC! Oh well. I'm a firm believe in making birthdays special, so fried chicken it will be!


TMK said...

Cute! I love fried chicken with jalapenos...a San Antonio thing! Tanner's birthday is Sat, July 30. He is turning 3. It was so fun being pregnant in the summer huh?!

Hope said...

Good for her!! We got veggie lovers long as you got some Ranch dressing to dip it in! Wow, her birthday came up fast. You were just starting to plan it. And I'd do the same thing with the chicken...take a lil' trip to good ole KFC..they do chicken right! LOL. Be sure to email me some pictures of the party...can't wait to see how it goes!

Malia said...

Last year we took our daughter to O'Charley's for her birthday when she turned four. We did it mainly because we were not having a big friend party that year (we alternate years for friend parties but always have a family party). So this year when her birthday rolled around she started asking when we were going to go to O'Charley's! I guess we've started something there. At least kids eat free and truly the main reason she wants to go is for the birthday cake they provide (free!) for dessert...not for the broccoli.

MDM said...

That is too cute. My girls also love broccoli. If you don't want to go to KFC I know a very easy and delicious "fried" chicken recipe. It is on the side of the bisquick box and it is GREAT!! I think it must be healthier than fried chicken, but then again, maybe not!! I think I will make that for dinner. Happy B-day to Gracie!