Friday, July 29, 2005

You are a good singer

As I walked around the kitchen singing, "I'll Fly Away," Gracie was looking at me and smiling sweetly & giggling a little. I asked her why she was doing that. She said, "'cause I like it. Even if you're not a good singer, I like it."


As she saw the expression on my face and heard me chuckling a little, she said, "You are a good singer."

Good recovery, huh?!?!

It's so funny to hear the things they say and see the things they do. The other day, Chris called to Katie to come to him while we were in the library. She looked at him, waved, and said, "bye bye" and proceeded to walk away. When I walked up, he was laughing. I informed him that laughing at her would not teach her that it's wrong, (like he really didn't know that!) but he just thought it was so cute & funny

*sigh* Almost all the things she does are cute & funny, like right now as she's carrying the broom around and "helping" me clean and earlier, she was carrying dirty clothes around the house and occasionally sitting down to try putting on the shorts. Remember, this is the 16 month old!

They are fun!

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TMK said...

They are so funny, and smart! I love it..