Thursday, July 14, 2005

everything you never wanted to know.......

I stole this from someone who stole it from someone else. I thought it was kind of interesting. I'd love to see what anyone can write about themselves!

A is for age: 32
B is for booze: none
C is for career: former elementary school teacher; currently a stay-at-home mom
D is for dad's name: Randall
E is for essential item to bring to a party: a good attitude
F is for favorite songs at the moment: In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride
G is for goof off thing to do: computer; reading
H is for hometown: Aiken, SC
I is for instrument you play: none :(
J is for jam or jelly you like: strawberry; grape
K is for kids: 2
L is for living arrangements: house
M is for mom's name: Nancy
N is for name of good friend: Melissa, Kym, Tracy, etc.
O is for overnight stays in hospital: 2 (when having my girls)
P is for phobias: not too fond of water
Q is for quotes you like: "Pretty is as pretty does."
R is for longest relationship: still talk often with Tracy whom I've been friends with since 8th grade (around 19 years)
S is for siblings: 1 brother
T is for Texas: home of my alma mater, ACU
U is for unique traits: red hair (natural!)
V is for vegetables that you love: green beans, sweet peas
W is for worst trait: a tad unmotivated at times;
X is for X-rays you've had: not sure on this one
Y is for yummy food you make: chicken salad, chicken spaghetti, brownies, apple pie
Z is for zodiac sign: taurus


TMK said...

that was fun! I may steal that from you too!

MDM said...

Mommy like! I will do this on mine too. Cheesecake was fab...not trying to rub in your face, but we had Chicken Madeira-sp? and the girls had the shrimp scatter. AND, the strawberry lemondade with the sugar rimmed glass...what could be better? We also just love their bread. We skipped the cheesecake and headed to Cold Stone which is by a ground level shooting water fountain that the kids can run through. Is Aiken not a big city? Seems like I have heard of it. I bet it is pretty there. I am pretty unfamiliar with the deeper parts of the south. I grew up in Plano, but I just don't consider metro Dallas area "the south."