Friday, July 15, 2005

When I had to show my id, I should have known.......

When my 27 year old friend & I had to show our id's when buying the tickets, I should have known. I laughed and said, "You're kidding right?" but the girl said I had to show it. (I'm 32 years old and haven't exactly aged well!) When the guy made us show our tickets before actually entering the theater, I should have known. I laughed about it again. When my friend said that her husband told her we probably shouldn't go see it, I should have known.

It was rated R. I should have known.

Within the first 2 minutes of the movie, we should have left. We probably got through at least an hour of the movie before we finally decided to get up & leave. The movie theater guy said, "The movie's not over yet." My friend informed him that it was too trashy. He acted surprised. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he hadn't seen it....surely he wouldn't think it wasn't trashy if he'd seen it.

I've seen R movies before. Each one had some things in them that weren't appropriate. This particular movie was awful to the "nth" degree. Not only the premise of the movie was bad, but the nudity & language was unlike anything I've seen or heard in a movie theater. (Granted, I'm sure it's not the worst that's been out there, but I think it's the worst I've seen.) Maybe the worst part was that this was a was all put out there very lightly. Does that make sense? This wasn't some serious "sex" movie; just a comedy about something that Christians shouldn't find funny. A couple of the actors I would have said I liked. One of the actresses I really would have said I liked. Maybe I still do, but I'm disappointed that she played this character.

Before the movie started, one of the previews we saw was for a movie called something like, "The 40 year old virgin." It's all about a 40 year old man who is a virgin and his friends go on a mission to change this. Another preview was about a male gigolo. It's a sequel and the preview states that it has the same "ho." Again, I'm thinking God won't be pleased when people choose to watch this type of movie.

My friend and I talked about how our husbands would not be "allowed" to go see the movie we tried to watch tonight. Not that we "allow" or "disallow" them to do things, but we will strongly encourage them not to see it. Perhaps they should have told us that we weren't allowed to see it.

As a Christian, should I have gone to this movie in the first place? Of course not. We even laughed at quite a bit of it. I knew the premise and I knew that there would be nudity & language, but I went anyway.....all in the name of a "girl's night out." I'm just thankful that my friend is also a Christian who felt as offended as I did and was more than happy to support me in walking out.

One of my friends doesn't watch tv at all. Her son will watch videos that are appropriate for his age and I admire her for this. One of my biggest struggles is watching things on tv that I shouldn't watch. I admit this. Movies aren't as big of a struggle because I don't go very often, but tonight it was a struggle.

I pray that I will be strong in this struggle and I pray that I will set a good example for my children.


TMK said...

So curious as to which movie it was!! I value your review. You should do "Christian Reviews with Jacinda".

Our preacher is doing a series Sunday mornings on just this topic. How we should monitor the shows we watch, the newspapers and magazines we read, things that could influence our views on the world. We are bombarded with this daily and I share the same prayer with ya! Seriously, what movie is it? HA HA!

Jacinda said...

Okay, okay! I didn't put the movie title originally because I didn't want to offend anyone if they loved the movie! But, my opinion is still my opinion whether they liked it or not! It was "Wedding Chasers." It has Owen Wilson and Jane Seymour along with others in it. I've always really liked Jane Seymour, but I had no desire to see "so much" of her! lol

Jacinda said...

oops! It was "Wedding Crashers," not Chasers. Sorry about that!

TMK said...

That was my first prediction! I LOVE Owen Wilson, his voice cracks me up. I fell in love with him in Shanghi Noon. FUNNY movie. My husband MADE me watch it, but now it is one of my favs. Jacinda, You are now dubbed my christian reviewer, OK?! Now get out there and see some movies and let me know. Ah, if only. If only we had the time and the money for a pricey movie right?! Have a great day.

TMK said...

Oh, Mrs. Quinn Medicine Woman shows her chest I heard. She has dipped into the skank bucket. She should have stuck with helping others with medicine and good deeds. But that's not where the money is I guess~

Malia said...

I was talking with a friend last night about this very thing. She was telling me that she and her husband got a rare chance to rent and watch a video sans children so they went to Blockbuster. They hadn't been in ages, and tried to pick something out. The store clerk suggested something (I can not for the life of me remember which movie she said it was) and they absolutely hated it! I think it too was rated R and had stuff in it they didn't want to see. I told her that I used to watch just about any movie out there (with some exceptions) but over the years I've found myself to be a lot more discerning and downright picky about what I watch. Maybe it's because I'm a mom now, maybe it's because I more fully understand trash in, trash out and maybe I finally get that God really doesn't want me seeing those movies even if I justify it by thinking, I'm only watching, it's not like I agree with it or would ever do those things.

Thanks for the post, it was very convicting and thanks for your honesty about your experience.