Monday, August 01, 2005

My computer savvy 5 year old

Gracie & I were coloring this afternoon. Her coloring book had a page where you could write a letter. It had "Dear" written already and then lines where the letter could be written.

Gracie wrote "Mommy" then said, "How do you email a letter?"

I about fell out of my chair! Does my poor child really not know that a letter can be written with a pencil, put in an envelope, have a stamp put on it, and mailed from the mailbox?!?! She was embarrassed when I asked about this and said, "I know that!"

I think she does know it because I mail bills and buy stamps and mail cards frequently, but it still struck me as funny. I guess she sees me in front of this computer way too often!

Now, if she starts asking me for permission to check out her classmates' blogs instead of having playdates, we may have a problem!

I guess I am proud of her "computer savvyness" since she can get on the computer and begin, play & end her age appropriate computer games by herself. Do any of you have any stories of your children being immersed in technology such as the computer?


Kristen said...

My 2 year old LOVES to play Daddy, which involves him sitting in our office chair and pretending to be typing on the computer. He is already getting pretty good and using the mouse and clicking on things too. It is amazing that they know how to do that at such a young age. Cute story!

TMK said...

It always makes me laugh that our kids only really know digital cameras. They can see it right then, and if they don't like it, delete it and do it again! Remember when we had to wait 30 seconds while we shook our pictures to come out with a huge white area for "journaling" on the bottom? Funny how they just know the digital kind.

Hope said...

I think it's scary when my 11 year old rolls her eyes and shakes her head because I've asked her to come help me figure out how to do something on my computer. I refuse to feel stupid. I refuse to feel stupid. (sooner or later, I might believe that!) The 6 year old? Same thing. Mimi sent her a game and before I could settle down to install it and get it going...she was on round 3?!? I just quit questioning it. The baby is already climbing into the computer chair and trying to pull the mouse out. Reckon he's figured out there's something to it? LOL.

Let's just hope these kids will be able to teach the old dogs some new tricks! My guess is they'll know more than us in the next 5 years.

Malia said...

Along the same lines as tmk's comment, cordless phones...we have a "corded" phone in our basement and I had to teach my daughter how to hang it up (because she LOVES to answer the phone) since she only knew about the cordless phone upstairs.

And of course she also sees us on our cell phones, no cord there.

My daughter also always wants to "type" on the computer. I guess because she sees me typing out e-mails, blogs and blog comments (!) So I open Word and let her "type" to her heart's content!

Jacinda said...

LOL, Malia! Chris told me the other day that Katie was fussy, so he opened up the laptop and set it on a chair where she could reach it. He opened up Word and let her bang away! At one point, Gracie told him that it said something so he had to go hit "okay." He told Gracie no matter what it says, just click "okay." The laptop is very old and is mainly used for Gracie to play computer games and me to play Mah Jongg!