Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Miss Stack

As we walked through the doors, I saw a big ramp leading up to the portable building.

As we started walking towards the ramp, I saw her. She had long black hair and a cute little outfit. (I even noticed her toenails painted different colors! Now, you have to have some creativity to do that!)

She was watching us and we were watching her. I could now see the sign that had her name on it. I said, "Are you Miss Stack?" She confirmed that she was, and I said, "This is Gracie."

The moment had finally come. We were meeting Gracie's Kindergarten teacher. One of the first things she did when we entered the room was to give Gracie a goody bag filled with treats! Wow! What a first impression! Gracie then gave her the picture she had drawn for her. Miss Stack commented on how she was already writing her name. (Yes, yes, I'm sure my chest puffed out a little at that comment.)

I like her!

I have been dreaming....literally....of this day for weeks. I've been so nervous that one thing or another would make me regret our decision to send Gracie to this school. God took care of it! Did I doubt? Well, do you want me to be honest? Yes, I did doubt. I didn't doubt that He COULD take care of it, but I doubted that He WOULD take care of it. I didn't trust Him as I should have.

The classroom was perfectly put together....cute little tables with chairs that had hanging bags to collect books, etc.....centers for end of the day end to hands-on activities, etc. Miss Stack told us that they are really expected to read alot by the end of the year. That's great! I'm all for that! She said there are centers for them to have play time at the end of the day. That's great, too! She said there's really a good balance between the work & play. Also great! We even found out that one of her friends from preschool will be in her class!

This teacher is rather young. We didn't want to just come right out & ask her how many years she has taught because, being a former teacher, that can come out wrong. We didn't want her to think that we didn't trust her. However, we "fished" around a little bit and found out she'd been at this school just last year but had taught 1st grade elsewhere, so she has at least 2 years under her belt. You could tell that she was energetic and prepared and fun (did I mention the different color toenails?!?!) and that she liked her job!

I think Chris was laughing at me as I eagerly signed us up for PTA, bought Gracie a t-shirt, and a car magnet for the van! I am way excited about all of this!

I decided the other day that rather than just praying for Gracie and us, I needed to specifically pray for her teacher. Why didn't I think of that earlier? So, I started the other day doing just that. Now I have a name to put in my prayers.

Dear Lord,
Please be with my precious Gracie as she begins her Kindergarten year. Please keep her safe from harm, both physical & emotional. Please help her little mind to be open to learning and please help her to share her love of you & Christ with others, through both direct talk and just simply through the way she acts. Please be with Miss Stack and Miss Hood, who is the aide. Please help them to teach these children the academics that they need to know but also to teach them how to be good citizens. Please help them to be firm, yet loving. Thank you for all the good feelings we got today as we visited the school! In Jesus' Name, Amen


MDM said...

You got me choked up a bit! Precious memories are starting, jacinda! Miss S sounds darling and she will love your Gracie.

elizabeth said...

I don't get to know Matthew's teacher for another week and a half. I am just dying to find out!

TMK said...

What a precious little story! Miss Stack sounds so perfect for you, I mean Gracie!! Hey, we a part of this school thing as much as they are right?! I LOVED Ty's Kinder teacher and 2 years later, she still say Hi to me by name. Kinder teachers are so special. Glad to know that you got a good one too! We go next week to open house.