Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Isn't it amazing?

Isn't it amazing how inquisitive our little ones can be? Tonight at church, Gracie handed me my Bible when everyone else opened theirs during the devotional. I opened it up and let her hold it. I later told her how proud I was of her for wanting to have the Bible open while Mr. Mark was preaching. I told her we could start doing that alot so it can help her listen and she can learn more about Jesus.

She said, "Yeah! And I'm learning alot like I know Jesus died. That's my favorite story." I prompted her a little to say that Jesus being alive again is more important than him dying. (I didn't want to squealch her love for the story, but I just wanted her to remember that He arose and how important that is.)

Then the questions started. You know, the questions that you're pleased they're asking but also praying at the same time that you'll answer in a way they'll understand and also a way that's correct?

"Why did Jesus have to die?"

"He died for our sins."

"What are sins?"

"They're things we do that are wrong. We know they're wrong, but we do them anyway." I think I then said something about God & Jesus being more powerful than the men who killed Jesus and how he came back to life.

Then she said something about "yea! Our sins are gone!"

I gently said, "Well, that made it possible for our sins to go away." I then reminded her of when our friend, Kate, was baptized just last Sunday. We've talked about baptism before and what it is. I explained again how someone who is older decides to change and try not to do the wrong things anymore and then gets baptized and all the sins are washed away. When a person has done that, they can then be forgiven when they do wrong things.

She asks, "But how does the water wash them away?" (Remember she's 5!!!!)

So I explain about how it's not necessarily the water but God & Jesus wash away the sin and the Bible tells us that we should do this so we can be a Christian and go to Heaven. I tell her that is why we were so happy about the decision Kate made because now she's a Christian.

Chris stayed home tonight because he wasn't feeling well, so when we got inside we recapped our conversation for him. I try to let her know how proud I am of her when she asks questions like these. When referring to baptism, I tell her that this is a decision that she can make one day when she's older. ~Lord, please let her make this decision! I want her to be a true follower of You!~

Although she's certainly not perfect, she is the type of child who will do the right thing just because we tell her to (like holding our hand in the parking lot....she's obsessive about this!)Baptism is not something I want her to do just because Mommy says she should do it. I want it to be a decision that she makes one day when she's older and understands. Of course, we'll guide her as she grows and I don't expect her to understand everything. I don't think we ever understand everyhing while on this Earth!

I love that she asks these questions because it means she is listening and learning. She is a deep thinker!

Dear Lord, Please help Chris & I to give Gracie the answers that her little 5 year old mind needs. Thank you for her spirit of wanting to know more about You and realizing that You & Your Son are important! Please help her to continue along the road of yearning for knowledge of the Bible. Please help us to rely on You to guide us through this journey called parenting! In Jesus' Name, Amen


Miss Hope said...

Isn't amazing the questions kids can come up with? Paige is 11 and the questions she asks sometimes go completely past my ability to explain. She pays close attention in Sunday School class and makes excellant observations. And when I can't answer her I am so glad that my Dad (who is a deacon at our church) is there to answer and guide her the right way. God does provide answers. He gives them to Papa!! LOL


Jen P said...

She wouldn't be asking if she didn't see Jesus in you. I can tell what a good mommy you are!

MAK said...

What a sweetheart! She obviously pays attention in her Bible classes and to what you and your husband are trying to teach her. Way to go Mom and Dad!

TMK said...

That was a sweet story.