Tuesday, August 16, 2005

please make it go away

Her fever has returned. 102.6 *sigh* She also won't eat hardly anything because she said it makes her throat hurt. *sigh again*

Dear Lord, Thank you for letting Gracie's eye look better. Please help her fever to go away and for her throat not to hurt. Please don't let anyone else get sick. In Jesus' Name, Amen

On a happier note, my "dentally challenged" 17 month old is sprouting 2 new teeth! Whoo hoo!


Kristen said...

This sounds exactly like a virus that Sam had 3 weeks ago...complete with the eyes and everything. The good news is that no one else in our house ended up getting it. Good luck! It is always so heartbreaking to me to have one of my kiddos sick.

Alissa said...

So sorry that Gracie is still not feeling better! Hugs to your family as you try to get her better!

TMK said...

SOrry girl! I will say that prayer along with you. Hope your girl gets better soon.

MDM said...

Rachel always is the one to get obscure little viruses like that. I am sorry for you and her.