Friday, August 26, 2005

splish splash

Splish, Splash!

I hear this sound as I'm talking to my mom on the phone. I'm thinking, "What is that?" Suddenly it dawns on me that Katie is probably playing in the toilet. Sure enough, I yell out, "Katie, no!" and run to the bathroom. Obviously I startled her because she runs into the hallway with hands dripping. Oh good grief. You couldn't have paid Gracie enough money to play in the toilet at any age!
Gracie has drawn a picture of herself on one page. She drew a picture of our house and her best friend, Leigh Ann's house on another page. She says, "How about I staple these together so when you're lonely when I'm at school, you can look at these." so sweet.
The PTA "Meet & Greet" went well. There were alot of people there. We got pizza & diet coke & water. They gave away door prizes and explained the different things we can get involved in. Miss S was there (the only K teacher who was there~we truly think we got the best one!) She came over to talk to us as soon as we walked up and we sat together for awhile. I was able to talk with her and ask about how Gracie is doing in class. She said today they were sitting around and she was asking what they had learned this week. She said some of the kids were saying they had learned about going potty (I remember the days when it seemed my students hadn't listened to a single word I'd said!) She said Gracie said, "I learned how to read!" Miss S said, "Oh thank you. I needed that!" She is truly learning alot!

At one point, Gracie said she was going to go play. She ran off to play in a big grassy area where lots of kids~of all ages~were playing. We were surprised that she was going to join them without having a specific friend to play with. Miss S watched her run off and I said, "She has gotten alot more independent since she started school." She told us that she is shy & quiet & well behaved but she will speak up when she needs to. Thank you God. It's like I told my mom. Almost everything Chris & I said we wanted her to get out of school, all the qualities we hoped she would develop~she is getting & developing those qualities. We played on the playground later with one of her new friends and she was trying so many new things and being so brave. You kind of have to know my child to understand how significant this is.

We went to get ice cream afterwards and as we were walking up to the door, Gracie said, "Mommy. Thank you for taking me to get ice cream." out of the blue It's so refreshing when she says thank you without being prompted. As we were sitting outside eating~it has been cooler weather the past 2 days~she said, "It's nice out tonight." I told her that Daddy & I were proud of how she is learning new things and trying new things but still staying sweet. I asked her to tell me what is she supposed to remember is the most important thing. She immediately answered, "God!" *sigh of happiness* I told her that as long as she can do it and make God happy, she can do anything she wants to...a tree cutter, a cooker, a librarian, or a teacher (some of the things she has mentioned in the past!)

The 2 moms of other children in her class that I've probably connected with the most are "church goers." I don't know exactly what they believe etc. but we have spoken of church. They know where I go and I know where they go. I'm so glad that they go. Choosing the public school over the private Christian school, I was nervous about this type of thing, but within the first 3 weeks of school, I've already had "Where do you go to church" conversations with at least 2 of them. (and I think both of them actually asked me!) Whether we believe exactly the same, at least we have that basic belief in God. Thank you again, God!

Dear Lord, Once again, thank you! Thank you for many things. Please continue to help Chris & I to be good parents. We couldn't do it without You! In Jesus' Name, Amen


MDM said...

Gracie sounds very similar to my Rachel at the kindergarten age. We worried ourselves sick about social and shy issues....Rachel came into her own and has just blossomed more and more each year. I too am amazed at the way God just stepped in and answered our prayers and then some. Thank you for reminding me of these answered prayers that I could easily take for granted at this point. Have a great weekend.

Martin said...
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Kristen said...

What a good night for you...I am glad you went to hear good things about Gracie and how much she is getting out of being in Kindergarten this year. You have a nice family!

TMK said...

I'm with Martin, great stuff on your site! Now I want xanax..SPAM, gotta love it!

Seriously, glad you had a great time and couldn't you sit and listen about Gracie from the teacher ALL DAY?! I love that when they give insight to their days and accomplishments. Love that for you!!