Monday, August 15, 2005

Katie Boo

Katie Boo is what I affectionately call my little Katie. I haven't spoken of her much on my blog because the whole Kindergarten experience kind of dominated for awhile, but here are some pictures of her. She is precious!

"Turn off the alarm." This is what I said to Chris when he checked Gracie's temperature this morning at 5:30 and it was 102. *sigh* Only the 2nd week of Kindergarten, and she's already missing school. Poor thing, she doesn't have the best immune system. She's been a "stay-at-home" kid most of her life, so maybe that's part of it. It's not really unusual for her to pick stuff up easily so I don't guess I should be too surprised.

She ran a fever pretty much all day yesterday and had a headache & watery eyes. Last night when she went to bed, it was 98 and she was acting better so we thought she'd be fine, but alas, it was 102 at 5:30. She woke up saying she was hot and thirsty, so I didn't have too high of hopes that she was fever free. By 6:30, it had gone to 99 and stayed that way for awhile, but at 10:45, it had gone up again to 101.2 (and this is after 2 rounds of Motrin!) Hopefully, she'll get better soon. I hate for her to miss school, but as a teacher, I remember the anger I'd feel at the parents who would send their kids to school sick. I mean, come on! So, she is watching a video and resting.

We have Open House tonight so I think Chris & I are going to switch off with one of us running in and then the other running in. It's important that we both be involved, not just me. I remember seeing dads near the end of the school year who wouldn't even know my name as their child's teacher. That was always so sad to me. The school even has a program called "MENtors" that Chris is interested in getting involved in. He talked to the asst. principal about it last week and it involves men tutoring students who don't have male role models in their lives. I don't know how this will work with his work schedule, but I'm hoping it will. This is a place where he could really make a positive difference with some kids!

Katie Boo is a little out of sorts with the day. She sees that "Sissy" is home but I won't let them play together too much out of fear of her getting sick. I've sent Gracie into her room a couple of times to rest and told her to close her door so Katie can't get in. Oh my! Katie does not like to see her close her door. She definitely believes in an open door policy when it comes to her big sister's room!

Katie just walked in here with a big pink winter hat on. She looked so cute! She is such a mess and I promise I'll start writing more about her soon now that Kindergarten is underway and going well. Our digital camera isn't working now. Otherwise, I'd probably have pictures posted everyday!

Unfortunately, Katie Boo does have some sort of a rash right now. Used to, I would have taken both kids to the doctor this morning, but I've gotten tired of paying my co-pay only to hear my doctor say, "It's a virus. Let it run its course." *ugh* So, I've just told myself that they both probably have a virus and it will run its course! There! I saved myself 2 $20 co-pays! Good for me!


Alissa said...

So sorry that Gracie is sick! I know that is is so hard on a mommy when a kid feels bad. Good for you not going in to see Dr. T...didn't feel like dressing up huh? LOL Hope that she is better really soon, and that Katie will forgive you for taking her "sissy" away from her for a day or two.

MDM said...

AAh... Rachel's immune system did not get a chance to kick in until after Kinder. She was also a stay-at-homer. Her pre-school had the kiddos wash their hands upon entering the classroom everytime. This eliminated so many germs, so she never got sick. She seemed to get it all in Kinder. Build it up, Gracie! Katie is darling also. Your are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping she'd be over it by now! So sorry to hear she's still under the weather. Love the pictures of Vitt's girlfriend. LOL. She's such a beautiful baby. Saw the anniversary post. That was really sweet and the pictures! How cool was that?

Give Mizz Katie and Mizz Gracie hugs from Ms. Hope! I'll send some pictures of the kiddos here your way soon!

Hope said...

OOPS! Forgot to put my name above! Sorry!

TMK said...

Sorry about Gracie. That is hard to have to miss school at first when they love it so much.

Katie Boo is darling! Thanks for posting a picture of her. Now when I read about her I know who you are talking about :)

elizabeth said...

Your daughter look so much alike! I think kids get sick a lot in kindergarten while they build up their immune system. Hope Gracie feels better soon.