Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world!
In honor of our eleven years of marriage, let me tell 11 of the best things about my husband, Chris Shanks.
*He is a Christian who strives to live the way he should.
*He makes me feel special & loved.
*He is so sweet about writing little notes and sending me e-cards so I have special things to read while he's at work.
*He tells me I'm beautiful constantly.
*He appreciates all I do (even when I do spend too much time blogging instead of cleaning!)
*He works hard to support us.
*He is well respected by others & deservedly so.
*He is the epitome of a good Daddy.
*He is the kind of Christian man that our girls will be able to look up to as the kind of man they should aspire to marry one day.
*He helps with household chores even when he's tired.
*He is my biggest supporter.
There are so many more things I could say about him, but he is truly the best husband in the world! I love him and am thankful that God placed us together! Thank you God.
August 13, 1994. Norcross, GA. 2:00 pm. Campus Church of Christ. Our wedding.

Valerie (Osburn) Loe was my maid of honor. Mike Shanks was the best man. Susan (Wilburn) Newhouse, Jennifer (Reynolds) Robbins, Laura (Lyons) Rupp, Tracy (Goodwin) Brown, Brenda (Young) Oksanen, & Nicole (Deveny) Dickey were my bridesmaids. Jim Newhouse, Scott Hinshaw, Josh Jackson, Reed Benedict, Jim Brown, Jason Hosch were the groomsmen and Chad Nall was an usher.
So many of our friends flew in from Texas to be there for the wedding and we were glad! It was fun!
In the last 11 years, we have lived in Abilene, Lubbock, & Uvalde, TX and Aiken, SC. We have lived in 6 different houses/apartments. We have had 2 children. We have had grandparents die and parents be sick. We have heard of ACU friends getting divorced which makes us sad. We have rejoiced in the births of our friends' babies and have become an aunt & uncle twice and will have another niece or nephew born in February.
It has been a good 11 years and we pray for many more to come!


TMK said...


WOW! I recognize almost all the people in your wedding party. So neat. Thanks for posting today. Have a wonderful anniversary!!

Alissa said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Have a wonderful day, you both deserve it!

Jen P said...

Happy 11th anniversary! We always think of you and Chris on this day and remember how you stole our best man - just kidding!!!:) Really...we remember that while we were commiting our lives to marriage, there were friends just a few states away doing the same exact thing! Seems like yesterday, doesn't it?
Congratulations and have a wonderful night celebrating!

elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary! I used to live in Abilene as well. My Dad taught at ACU and we moved away at the end of my high school years. I didn't go there but knew tons of people who did since I grew up there. It is a lot prettier in S. Carolina I think!

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary...this makes me excited to post some of our wedding pictures come January.

Malia said...

Great list Jacinda ;-) Your husband is a blessed man and from the sound of your list you are a blessed woman. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage and guide you through your life together. I think as wives we should always strive to say, out loud, the positive things about our husbands. Everyone has faults, including us(!) and there is already so much negativism (word?) in the world.

Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

MDM said...

That makes me want to hum James Taylor's "How sweet it is to be loved by you." Too sweet. Some of the best husbands are found at good ol ACU. Mine included. Hope you had fun celebrating. Did you guys go out??

Deana Nall said...

Hey, I was there! It's funny seeing Chad in that picture. I remember we had just flown in from spending the summer in Alaska. We spent two nights in Abilene and then on to Atlanta for you and Chris's wedding. Talk about climate shock! It was such a nice wedding and we had so much fun hanging out with Jason and Deana Hosch. Anyway, happy anniversary... we just had our 12th -- hard to believe!