Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tonsils the size of golf balls

When Gracie's fever was around 103 yesterday afternoon, I ended up taking her in. I didn't get to see my doctor, but the girls actually seem to like this other man better anyway.

Her fever was 103 at the office which told me she really was sick because it usually won't even register there. I always feel like they think I'm lying or something! Anyway, he said her tonsils were the size of golf balls, so he tested her for strep. It was negative. He said a bunch of big words, but the only ones I really remember were "conjuctivitis" & "pharyngitis." He said it probably wouldn't do any good, but he gave me a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. Her eyes (which had been quite red but not matted) actually look 100% better after just 2 doses! Her fever was 101 this morning but then went to around 99 and I think has stayed there or gotten even better.

She is acting like she feels much better! She was showing me how they freeze dance at school and she dressed up like a princess, so she must be feeling better! I'm hoping the fever stays away and the eye stays cleared up so she can go tomorrow.

Chris & I switched off going to Open House last night. It was fun to see her classroom again and all the neat things the teacher has for them. It's like one of the other parents said, "Everywhere you look, you can learn something!" It really is such a great classroom! I love it!

Since Gracie wouldn't be at school again today, Miss S went ahead and sent home her "Homework Folder." It will be sent home on Tuesdays and will need to be returned the following Tuesday. Gracie can't wait to get started on this homework! She also gave us a list of things that will be on her first report card so we can start helping her with some of those things. Tying her shoe is one of the first things we need to work on! Alot of the "academic" things she knows like most of the sight words, but things like tying shoes, buttoning & snapping clothes, skipping.....we'll need to work on those thing some. My little girl is smart, but she's not the most coordinated little girl (she's like her mommy!)

I must get off this computer and get to work cleaning. Gracie just informed me that Katie got the top open on the crayons and colored on her new white chair! Luckily, Comet took it out, but goodness! It's only 10 in the morning!

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Malia said...

ugh! My daughter got strep for the first time last spring and had to miss preschool for a couple of days because of it. No fun!

Prayers for healing and mommy's sanity!