Wednesday, August 17, 2005

purity & modesty

I just read Brandon Scott's blog for today. (You can find the link over on the side). I enjoyed it and posted a rather long comment. Basically, he was asking for suggestions on teaching modesty & purity to our girls. Wonderful topic!

I won't go into all of my thoughts (since you could just read what I wrote in my comment to his blog) but I will ask for your ideas. What kinds of things have you done, are you doing, and/or do you plan to do to teach modesty & sexual purity to your girls (or your boys)?

I will post this link. It's the link to the "Trust Bracelet" I spoke of over on BST's blog. I'm not sure the link worked over there and I'm not sure it'll work here, but at least I tried.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Deana Nall said...

Here's something I did last year in our high school girls' Bible study. We were having it at the home of an elder and his wife. I gave them a heads up and the elder made sure he wasn't around when I got there. I showed up in a hoochie dress. I mean HOOCHIE dress. I acted normal, talking to everybody like I was dressed the way I always dress. They were giggling and whispering to each other and seemed a bit shocked. Then I changed in the bathroom and came back out in normal clothes and we started the study. I asked them what they thought when they saw me dressed like that. It started a discussion about how what we wear can really affect how people see us. I wouldn't recommend this in just any setting, but the girls thought it was funny and it was a different approach.

I also like to point out to the girls in our youth group that sexual urges and pressure for guys is so strong - it's something we girls can't even imagine. We owe it to our brothers in Christ to not make their struggle any more difficult than it already is. It really is a respect issue, and it goes both ways.