Saturday, August 20, 2005

sausage ice cream?

I need to make a dessert for tomorrow's lunch. We plan to invite Chris' cousin over after church, and I'd like to have a nice dessert. Problem is, I only have 2 eggs. I don't really want to go buy a bunch of stuff; I just want to make something with what I have.

I have a ton of cookbooks and I subscribe to a wonderful magazine called Quick Cooking. Lately though, when I have limited ingredients, I've been getting online and just "googling" certain ingredients that I have on hand. I've come across some really good recipes.

Today, I've been kind of searching for chocolate pies or apple spice cakes mainly. There are some interesting recipes out there. Ever heard of some of these?

These recipes certainly didn't make it far enough to be printed out for a further look. They just don't appeal to me. Maybe they're really good, but I don't think I'm going to try them. I also don't get some of the ingredients that are in these recipes. I consider myself a pretty good cook, but some things I'm not very familar with. Some of them include the following:

  • cake flour What's the difference between this and regular all-purpose flour?
  • sour milk Why would I want to use sour milk in a recipe?
  • bleached all-purpose flour Again, I ask, what is the difference b/w this & my normal all-purpose flour?

Another thing I don't understand is when it calls for mixing 2 different sets of ingredients into another. It will sometimes say, "Begin and end with......." Why does it matter if I begin & end with the buttermilk or whatever it is? Does that really make a difference?

If anyone can enlighten me on these things, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone has tried any of the horrible sounding recipes above, let me know if I truly need to broaden my horizon and try them myself. I don't think I do, but let me know!


Malia said...

I've seen the kitty litter cake up close and personal. It was served this past Halloween at a party that we go to every year at a friend's house. I was just days away from giving birth to our son and was feeling huge and nauseous (again) so I stayed away from the cake, which looks digusting but from all the comments was apparently quite good.

I think, in my very unprofessional experience that the bleached flour is just like your regular all-purpose flour. Cake flour is different and as the name suggests is used in making cakes, but I also understand that if cake flour is unavailable, all-purpose will suffice. As for the begin with and end with instructions, there is one recipe I make (German chocolate cake for David's birthday) that says to do that and I always do it because I'm afraid if I don't I'll ruin the recipe although I have absolutely no idea why you're supposed to do it like that! (How was that for a run-on sentence?)

TMK said...

That tomato soup one sounds disgusting! Not to mention sausage cake and icecream. I usually ONLY try out Southern Living recipes. I have never made one that didn't take wonderful. Not sure about those ingredients either. sour milk? don't think so!