Monday, November 26, 2007

a Happy Thanksgiving for all!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We had a good time in Atlanta-early pregnancy blahs & all! We left for Atlanta early Wednesday afternoon and made a stop at a "special store" to get something for Gracie for Christmas. She's old enough to know that when we're in the store and then Mommy stays in there while she, Daddy, & Katie leave to know that something is going on, but at least she doesn't know exactly what! We then stopped to eat before heading on to my parents'.

We got to their house and the girls played for awhile then went to bed under their protest because their cousins weren't there yet. However, it was late and apparently the traffic from Nashville to Atlanta was pretty bad so I wasn't sure how late it would be. The rest of us stayed up to wait for them although I almost didn't make it! Ann Elise immediately wanted to go to bed since Gracie & Katie were already in the "granddaughter room." Morgan, the almost 2 year old, didn't have the same idea!
The next morning, the 3 big girls were up early with Pappy, eating his "Mickey waffles." The rest of us eventually got up and hung out for the day while Grammer cooked. I offered to help, but she had it pretty well under control. We snacked then ate a late lunch for our Thanksgiving meal. It was good and traditional for which I was glad. I had watched a Food Network Thanksgiving challenge where the people had made all these weird dishes. I told Mom I hoped hers would be traditional and it was! I was just glad I felt like eating most of the normal things; I'm not sure I could have handled weird things! That night, my brother & his wife (Josh & Beth) and Chris & I went to see "Dan in Real Life." I thought it was really cute.
The next day we headed out to do a little shopping, but none of that early, early morning business. None of us were up for that! I think we left the house around 10:00-after Josh discovered his flat tire! We went to Lenox Mall and wandered around. I really wasn't feeling too well while there so I wasn't real into it, but it was neat to be out looking. Lenox Mall is more to me a "looking" kind of mall anyway, rather than a "buying" mall. It has fancier stores than your typical mall-to me anyway. I did buy 2 Christmas ornaments and we ate lunch in the food court. The 3 big girls, along with their daddies, rode the "Rich's Pink Pig" which is now I guess the "Macy's Pink Pig." It's kind of an Atlanta Christmas tradition although with most things it doesn't quite have the character it used to have.
Josh & Beth and their girls left from the mall to head back to Nashville (after buying a new tire for their car!) and the rest of us went back home where I think most of us took a nap! I went to Mom's antique mall with her after my nap then we hung out at home, eating leftovers and watching "Diary of Anne Frank" and "Christmas Vacation." Well, this is only after Chris & my dad watched TONS of football! The girls didn't watch either movie with us either. Unfortunately, as funny as Christmas Vacation is, there is so much that is inappropriate. The language is ridiculous! The girls were happily watching a movie in the other room-Nemo I think.
We got packed up Saturday and headed for home. It was a fun Thanksgiving! We got off I-20 and headed into a little town to "explore" a little before continuing on our way. We ate lunch at this great little place-"Shane's Rib Shack." Chris & I sure do miss good 'ole beef barbecue the way they do it in Texas-YUM! Most everything here is pork. It's okay, but it's not brisket! However, we got the ribs and they were actually really good-pig and all!
We're happy to be home and thinking about Christmas decorations for the house. Eventually, it will get done! Have a Merry Christmas season everyone! Also, I'm wanting to do some sort of "Christmas countdown" with the girls. Something we can make inexpensively and look forward to doing everyday.........any ideas?!!?! "baby Shanks" seems to be doing well. If feeling icky is any indication, then he/she is doing really well! These are exciting times!
Here are a few pictures from the week:
Grammer trying to get Morgan to sit & watch the movie without being directly in front of the t.v. where the other girls can't see.
The 3 big girls playing in Pappy & Grammer's leaf-filled backyard. Pappy had Morgan with him on the swing.
Katie & Ann Elise being silly for Gracie who was practicing her photography skills.


Krista said...

Sounds like you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving too! I'm with you on the Christmas decorations . . . I normally have everything up by now . . . I'm running behind!!! BTW, I don't remember . . . were you sick with both of the girls?

BrenOaks said...

What a great holiday! I don't think you will regret the BIG purchase for Gracie. :) We have hours and hours with ours.

janjanmom said...

Thanks for sharing all those great pics!! I am so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Just a few more weeks and you will be done with tired and nausea and all ready for nesting-AKA- taking on alot of really big projects in the name of a baby!

We have that "purchase" too-it is a good one for little girls who like to read alot!!