Saturday, November 03, 2007

still so excited!

Thank you for all of the "congratulations" from so many of you! I am really very, very excited and am praying that things go well. I think my due date will be around June 24th. I go to the doctor on the 15th of November, so I'll know more then. I haven't been feeling too bad other than the little tummy bug that Chris & I seem to have which has made me feel pretty icky. I have had *ahem* symptoms that don't seem to be pregnancy related along with a few that I'm sure are pregnancy related. After trying a year & a half to get pregnant with Gracie & about 7 months to get pregnant with Katie, I just feel so blessed to have had this happen. Deep down I kind of wanted it to happen, but I wasn't willing to invest emotionally in officially trying to make it happen. I'd had too many months of disappointment and was happy with my 2 girls, so I'm just really happy that it happened this way. Please keep all of us in your prayers for a safe, happy, healthy pregnancy & baby!

Here are a few pictures of Gracie from yesterday's "awards day" at school. She got one for having "all A's" for this first 9 weeks, one for having an "A" in conduct, and also a "trophy" necklace for being chosen as "outstanding behavior" student for August. (Each class chooses 1 child for each month.) We are very proud of our little girl! Here is the assistant principal shaking her hand for the all A's award.
This is one of the teachers giving her the "trophy necklace."
Here she is sitting with her class holding her necklace. You should have seen the look of embarrassment she gave me when I had her turn around & smile!


Amy Woods said...

Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!! I love the way the Lord full of surprises!! I will keep you and the precious one growing inside of you in my prayers.

Kristen said...

Congratulations!!! What fun news for your family.

BrenOaks said...

How exciting!! I hope all goes well and you can join this crazy adventure in the world of having 3....and you think you're busy now:) So happy for you guys!!!

Miss Hope said...

Gracie is just going to have to learn that it's our jobs as parents to embarrass our children on a regular basis. Tell she can talk to Paige about it...Paige says I live to embarrass her!

I know I sent you an email, but here's a big fat public CONGRATULATIONS!

Three kids wear me out, but I am blessed beyond belief with more laughter and happiness because of them.

jettybetty said...

I am so thankful God is using Gracie at school--how much her achievements must glorify Him. She must have parents God is equipping powerfully also!

If it's okay, I am still praying for a healthy boy. It could be I just so thankful for a son!

Amy Woods said...

Jacinda, Thank you so much for your response on my blog! I love your story! Also, I "stole" your ticker idea from the top of your blog! I thought they were so much prettier than the ones I had. Thanks!!