Tuesday, November 27, 2007

more holiday pictures

In an effort to preserve more of our Thanksgiving memories, here are a few more pictures from our holiday. Gracie took some of them. You can probably tell which ones! I'm sure my parents would love that I'm posting these pictures of them-especially my dad with the apron on!

Here are the girls enjoying a little movie time while Pappy watched football in the other room. Notice all the pink-what in the world are we going to do if this new baby is a boy?!?! He'll be so outnumbered, poor thing! He'll probably enjoy sitting in the other room watching football with Pappy, Uncle Josh, & Daddy. He will if Daddy has anything to do with it anyway!

The funny thing about us having a new baby and Grammer & Pappy already having 4 granddaughters is that they just recently redecorated one of the bedrooms to be a "granddaughter" room. It's pink, yellow, & green with monogrammed sheets, etc. I guess if this is a boy, he will enjoy having his own room across the hall! If it's a girl, she'll fit right in! Not that there's that much room in there, but I'm sure we'll make it work!

Here I think the girls are playing "Principal's Office." I think Grammer is playing the role of Principal at the moment. The funny thing is that Morgan & Katie have no idea what a principal is and Gracie & Ann Elise aren't exactly the type of students who get sent to the principal's office! They had fun imagining what would happen if they got sent there though!

Here are some pictures Gracie took. Like I said earlier, I'm sure Grammer & Pappy would be soooo happy to see these posted online!

Here are the 3 big girls posing with Uncle Josh.A group granddaughter picture with Pappy.


MB said...

pappy is rockin the apron!!!!

Kimberly said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love the idea of a "grandaughter room!" How sweet!!