Monday, November 19, 2007

full weekend

We had a full weekend!

Friday wasn't really so full, but the rest of it was. Chris didn't work too long on Friday so he was home by the time it was time to pick up Gracie. The 3 of us went to pick her up then we headed to the library-a favorite of our girls. I hate to say it, but by the time I'd sat in carline then spent about a half hour at the library, I was about to fall out. I was exhausted and was feeling pretty bad, so we headed home. I was hungry but nauseous but not sure what I wanted. I finally thought I had it figured out what I wanted so Chris went to get it. It was a bad call! I ate it and it was okay, but I think I felt worse after I ate it. *sigh* I hate it when a craving goes bad! The rest of the night we just hung out at home not doing much.

Saturday, Chris & the girls left the house before 7:00 to head to the church to help with something. I opted to stay home. Later, I talked to my sister-in-law to get Christmas ideas for my nieces who we'll exchange gifts with this week when we see them. I was feeling better so I got ready and Gracie & I headed to Target and one other store to get their gifts. By the time we'd gone to those 2 stores, I was again ready to rest and not feeling great. I ate some crackers and read on the couch and actually fell asleep.

A little later, it was time to get ready to go to a "Hobo Feast" we'd been invited to by some people at church. It was really fun and I actually felt much better getting out rather than staying home on the couch! Everyone was supposed to bring a can of vegetables along with bread, a drink, or a dessert. I wasn't sure how the food situation was going to go for me with the nausea and all, so I actually ate a little something that sounded good on the way to their house which was about 30 minutes away.

It was really neat. They live on quite a bit of land and had a fire built with a little ledge for pots. They had already started stew meat and some seasonings and everyone dumped in their cans of veggies and made stew! We ate out of our cans-well, she had cups for the kids. I actually ate some of it too. It was kind of satisfying which is odd for me to say right now! The girls had a great time playing with their red-headed golden retriever. I'm not a dog person at all, but that dog was so sweet. He looked like the "Bush's Baked Beans" dog and I promise you he smiled at me when I was rubbing his head. They confirmed that he really does have a sweet disposition. I promise he did because I'm typically scared of big dogs, but he didn't really make me nervous at all. It was a fun night! They started a really big bonfire that seemed to get out of control pretty fast and I was ready to grab the girls and head off in the van. I kept thinking of a couple of the ladies there who couldn't move too fast and wondering how in the world they would get away. I really was nervous, but the man got on his tractor and ran over the escaping flames with a "sled" of tires and put it out. *whew* I figured he had it under control, but it was moving fast-and towards the cars!

We had to leave a little early because Texas Tech was on t.v. that night and my husband actually got the game this time! One thing about leaving Texas he complains about is that he doesn't get to watch Tech as much as he likes. He gets to watch the Cowboys a lot this year because he bought some special NFL package through the satellite.

Sunday, we went to church then ate a quick lunch then headed back to the church building to meet some people to go to the zoo. We arrived at the zoo and had a short devo about animals then headed in. There were about 26 of us and it was really fun. It was great weather!

Afterwards, we headed to Fuddrucker's to eat. I had felt quite a bit better yesterday and Fuddrucker's sounded okay. I do have to say that 2 people sitting across from me had o-n-i-o-n r-i-n-g-s and I about lost it! I didn't say anything to them because I didn't want to make them feel bad, but that is one thing that seems gross to me right now. I had eaten some the day I found out I was pregnant and I enjoyed them. Then, I found out I was pregnant and for some reason I keep thinking about them and feeling icky. I survived; I just tried not to look at them too much!

Today starts a 2 day school week for Gracie then we'll head to Atlanta to my parents' on Wednesday. My brother & family will arrive from Nashville late Wed. night and all 4 girls will be together to wreck havoc on the playroom! It will be fun though.

I am feeling really good this morning and I'm thankful! I'm going to start attacking "Mt. Washmore" as it has really built up!!!!!!


Alissa said...

Our weekend was pretty full too...although I can't say that we were ever in danger of being burned! LOL

Glad you enjoyed the zoo. I remember not being able to smell chicken while it was cooking when pregnant with Alora, and with Aralyn, I couldn't stand eggs being cooked...just that raw smell that would make me sick. Hopefully that will pass, cause it is a bit crazy to know you like something and can't stand to look or think or smell it.

Philip Murphy said...

One of my friends as SRS would eat tuna everyday for lunch when I was pregnant with Ally. I finally had to tell her that she either had to eat something else or pick a new lunch partner! Amazing what your friends will put up with when you are pregnant! - Jaime

jettybetty said...

That sounds like a really fun Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy!ky