Sunday, November 06, 2005

2nd day in a row

For the 2nd day in a row, I am alone in my house! Chris has taken both girls to church this morning and left me home alone. He didn't think I needed to go to church since I hadn't been feeling well. I got up to go anyway but then decided maybe he was right. Hopefully, I will go to Life Group tonight. No doubt I feel better than I did, but my ears are still so stopped up and the headache keeps lingering. Anyway, enough of that.

Chris is leading singing this morning, so we were brainstorming people who could hold Katie during that time. If the nursery attendant is already in the nursery, he'll just drop her in there before church. Otherwise, he'll need to find someone to hold her. She actually stayed in church with us through the whole service last week(yippee!), so I hate to just put her in the nursery at the beginning this week, but with me not being there it may happen.

Yesterday, I was home alone while Chris & the girls ran a meal to a member of our Life Group. She had just moved into a new home and our group wanted to take them a meal. I was planning to do it (I really want to see their house...I hear it's beautiful!) but under the circumstances of being sick, I stayed home. Gracie was disappointed that their 2 little girls weren't there, but she'll probably see them in Bible Class this morning.

Not much else going on. I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the girls from this morning. Hope all of you have a good Sunday!


Alissa said...

sorry that you are still fighting off the germies. Hope they are gone enough for you to venture out tonight for life group. I assume that K.B.s house is finished...I am sure it is lovely!

Get well!

TMK said...

Sorry you were not able to go to church. It seems so weird when I don't go on Sunday morning. Like all is not right with my world. And the day seems so extra long. Get well soon!

jettybetty said...
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jettybetty said...

I felt terrible about the attitude in my last comment so I deleted it.

I will try again on a more positive note. If Spunky took to the time to get to know you, TMK, SG, MDM and some other wonderful, Christian parents that I know and read, I do hope she would feel differently.

Please keep up the great job you are doing!

My email is: betty dot martin at charter dot net

Jacinda said...

Hi Jetty Betty! Thank you for your note of support for the comment I left on that other site. Sometimes I don't think too much before I speak, so I'm glad you supported my comments rather than thinking I was too harsh. Maybe you do think I was too harsh, but at least you supported me anyway! :-) That's a little scary that you saw my comment and knew how to find me! Ah, the "small" blogging world we know! :-) (I left this comment on your blog as well in case you wouldn't see it here.)

jettybetty said...

How did you find that other site???

I can't remember how I found it--but I go over every once in a while just to see what she's saying. I really don't think you were harsh at all. I think she really believes what she's saying, however, like you told her, there is no reason to be degrading to others who made a different decision.

We prayed a lot about where we sent our kids to school--I support homeschooling--private school--wherever God leads you to educate your children.

My basic belief is that it is parenting that makes the difference, not the form of educating. I have lurked around your blog for some time now--and from what I read here--you are doing a great job!!

jettybetty said...

I just checked the *other* blog--have you checked it lately???

Malia said...

Do you remember when we worked before we had kids? They had these things called "sick days". Lately, I'll settle for a "sick morning" (like staying home from church) or even a "sick 1 1/2 hours" while the baby takes a nap!

Hope you're feeling better. I too have been puny the past several days. Colds and parenting just don't go together!

jettybetty said...

We must have a lot in common--I am extremely Pollyannish--I can't give up believing God can use us to make a difference. I don't think you should feel like you got slammed. You stated your feelings in a very coherent and respectful way. I very much admire that!

I have a passion about how children are educated--I have prayed about writing a post about it on my blog, but have not yet felt God really wants me to. It's so divisive among Christians--and that's what I hate. I will keep praying, though!

And the blogging world got even smaller when I read those comments last night. Crittermer is my daughter! She lives in TN (almost to SC) and we live in TX. I hadn't talked to her in several days, so I didn't send her there either!!! I did call her last night to tell her, I *knew* you! It's a small blog world after all!

I really do hope you are feeling better! Mom's don't get that much down time--even when they are sick!!!

Beneath His Mercy.

MDM said...

Darling little people, Jacinda!!

Miss Hope said...

Love the pics of the girls, Ja! I had to stay home with my baby due to fever, but sent those girls on with Nana and Papa. I hope you feel better and kudos to Chris!