Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Know of a good 12 step program?

Hi. My name is Jacinda and I'm addicted to buying books for my children. My friend Tracy blogged earlier in the week about being a TV junkie. I relate to that as well, but for now I'm focused on my book buying addiction.

I mentioned earlier that we were going to the Scholastic Book Fair today. I told Gracie we'd get 1 book for her & 1 for her teacher to use in the classroom. We accomplished that and left with no more than that other than a bookmark. I spent a little more than I wanted on the book for the classroom (it was actually a Dora phonics pack) but oh well. I remember making out my wish list when I taught school and hoping some of my students' parents would buy one. I also didn't want to look too cheap by doing price comparison on the different items she'd asked for and the library started filling up with the older kids once the 2nd bell rang so I was ready to get out of there.

When we got home, I opened up Gracie's folder and there was another book order form. Aaahhh! At first glance, there's probably $30 worth I'd like to get! I seriously think I'm going to throw it away so I'm not tempted. (The phonics pack I bought for Miss S was in there for about $2 cheaper than I paid at the book fair, too! I told you the book fair isn't the cheapest way to get books.)

It's not like Gracie & Katie don't read the books I get them. They both read alot, especially Gracie and especially now that she actually can read the majority of many of them by herself. I just need to stop or we're going to run out of money! At least I'm not addicted to going out to Barnes & Noble to buy them. I do usually stick to ordering them from the Scholastic order forms or the 2 websites I mentioned earlier in the week. I do feel good that at least most of the ones I buy are bought at good prices.

*sigh* So there's my addiction. Could be worse. Anyone else struggle with this?

Dear Lord,
I'm thankful that we are blessed enough to be able to buy books for our children. I'm thankful that they enjoy reading! Thank you for my precious children. It made me so happy when Gracie, unprompted, said "Thank you for taking me to the book fair." It's so wonderful when she's thankful and expresses it without having to be reminded. Thank you for all of our blessings!
In Jesus' Name,


TMK said...

Funny! I think your addiction is better than mine. The grass is always greener. At least you are furthering your brain smarts, me, just waisting them on bad TV.

We just got home from our bookfair! I dropped $40 just like that! Oh well, it's just money. Easy come, easy go. If it was just that easy?! I work part-time just so I can buy things like this for them. It actually feels good to not burden our budget with things of this nature. I love working part time!

Malia said...

My daughter's teacher sends home Scholastic, Trumpet and one other one that I'm not remembering at the moment. This past round of book orders when I sat down and tallied up everthing I had marked it came to almost $100!! I had to go back and do some serious trimming of the list. I ended up around the $30 mark. But I'm like you, I love buying books for the kids. My Kindergarten, while not quite reading yet herself, loves to be read to and the baby well, he likes turning the pages, at least it's something!

jettybetty said...

I can't give any advice on how to control book buying urges--because I am horrible myself. It's so easy to justify. How wonderful are good books? Really! Expecially for your kids! I still buy books for my kids!

We live very near a wonderful public library and I try to go there some of the time--but I probably don't try hard enough.

Please tell me if you find a good 12 step program. I am heading out to look at those "Yada Yada" books.

Miss Hope said...

I'm guilty too! I bought so many books for my oldest that I had to slow down on the second child...but still gave in and bought for her, too. Now my oldest reads so fast and so much that I can't afford to buy books for her anymore. She's 11 reading on a high school level!! (all that book buying and reading paid off, huh?) She's in the process of cleaning out the school library and I just told her to go for it. It's a good thing!!!