Monday, November 14, 2005

blogger friends

I added a new link today. JettyBetty has joined my ever growing list of blogging buddies! I left a comment on a site the other day, never expecting anyone I "knew" to read it. However, she saw it, figured out it was me, and was one of the few supporters of what I wrote. Since then, I feel like we've gotten "close." (as close as you can get on cyberspace!) She writes some thought provoking things about God & the Bible & Jesus....good stuff from what I've seen so far.

When I added her to my links, I started thinking about how all of these other people got on my list. It's really quite interesting to see how all of them came to be there. I have a couple of "real life" friends who don't really "get" blogging. (My husband being one of them!) I think they just don't see the point or maybe they're leary of revealing too much personal information for the whole world to see. I understand that not everyone is going to be into blogging as much as others, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a great thing as long as it's done carefully.

I love being able to record little stories about my babies that otherwise probably wouldn't get written down anywhere. I love connecting with people I grew up with or people I went to college with and just other people who I've met online. This is fun for me!

I thought I'd go down my list of blogging buddies and write a little something about how they came to be on my links list. Could be interesting.

Stephanie-I'm not sure how I originally came across her site but I knew from the first time I saw her picture that she looked familiar. I kept going back to her site and reading it to see if I could figure out who she was. She made references to ACU so I figured that's where I had seen her before. She also made references to Siggies which is the social club (ACU's version of a sorority) I was in while at ACU, so that was another connection we had. Somehow one day we got into a discussion about how we knew each other and it turns out she knew my brother-in-law. When I told her who he was, she said, "You married Little Shanks!" Yep! With an older (& bigger) brother, I guess Chris was appropriately called Little Shanks or Baby Shanks I remember him also being called. After we made this connection, we added each other to our links list. I enjoy reading about her dealings with the PTA at her daughter's school.

Kate-She is one of my "real life" friends! She is an amazing writer. You should check out what she has to say.

Matt-He is a minister at my parents' church . I ran across his site and have enjoyed reading it. I like reading about his experiences with his children and I like reading the comments that people leave because sometimes I know those people! We always enjoy being at Campus when he is leading worship because he is a wonderful worship leader! My mom doesn't quite understand blogging, but she likes Matt & his family so it helps for her to know that he blogs, too. She said that Matt told her that I was one of his blogging buddies. I think he gives my blogging credibility for her!

Malia-Malia was one of the first ones who commented to me when I first started blogging. She kind of helped me get started. I enjoy reading about her children and seeing different ways in which we are similar.

Mandy-I went to ACU with Mandy although we didn't hang out or really know each other. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through blogging and wish I'd known her "face to face" while I had the chance.

Tracy-I also went to ACU with Tracy. She & Mandy were/are best friends. I didn't really know her either, but I have also enjoyed getting to know her. She lives in San Antonio which is our favorite city in Texas, so I enjoy reading about places she goes there (especially when she talked about eating at "The Alamo Cafe!" yum!)

Corey-He is friends with my brother-in-law. He's a good guy!

Adam-Adam is another "face to face" friend. He is Alissa's husband and also a good guy!

Alissa-She is also another "real life" friend, married to Adam (above). We enjoy playgroup with she & her three children each week.

Deana-Deana's husband, Chad, was one of Chris' roommates at ACU. That's how I know her!

Lauren-Honestly, I just ran across her blog and thought it was fun to read from time to time. She's pregnant with her first baby, so that's been fun to read about!

Kristen-Again, I just ran across hers somehow. She seems like someone I'd really enjoy hanging out with. I love reading about her 2 sweet boys!

Britney-I grew up with Britney as the little sister of Tracy, one of my best friends. She is a sweetie and all grown up!

Elizabeth-I ran across hers kind of randomly, just like Lauren & Kristen's. I think I probably linked from one to the other. I know that Lauren is her sister. Her family seems very sweet and I enjoy reading about her PTA activities and her family life.

Brandon Scott-I went to ACU with Brandon, although he was older so I didn't really know him well. He lives in Nashville, one of my favorite cities ever, and my brother lives there, so I enjoy reading about his life there. I also enjoy reading about his family & the ministry he is a part of.

JettyBetty-I wrote about her above.

Have a good day everyone!


Odyssey said...

this is awesome! i have googled christian bloggers but didn't find anyone and now i stumbled upon your blog! if you don't mind, I would like to add you to my links. we are all here for the same cause :)

SG said...

What a cool idea! i might have a post about all the people on my blog list too! I love reading your blog but I admit I am ususally in such a hurry that I don't comment. So glad to have re-met you in cyber space!

jettybetty said...

I am loving getting to know you, too!
The blog world is GREAT!

I love your stories about your girls--and your faith!!