Monday, November 14, 2005

praises & requests

What does a proud 5 year old look like when she's showing off her "caught being good" ribbon? Look to the left and you'll see! (Is that a goofy lookin' picture or what?!?! BTW, she's getting her hair cut tomorrow. Those bangs have about had it!) She's been "caught" twice this year. This time was for sharing. She told me last week that she had done that (I can't remember exactly what it was that she shared) but apparently the teacher was watching and told the 'powers that be' because she got another ribbon and another Chick-Fil-A coupon. I'm so glad they reinforce positive behavior at her school!

I guess she went to the library to get the ribbon and she informed me that they saw it all set up. Oh yeah! She's way excited about the Scholastic Book Fair! For me, I don't get too excited about book fairs because they seem just as expensive as going to the bookstore and I'm all about a bargain! I order quite a bit from the Scholastic order forms that go home and I've found a few good sites for cheaper books, Daedalus & Book I did tell her that we'd buy 1 book for her & 1 book for her classroom. It supports the school, right? And you really can never have too many books!

I just had to include this picture of my 2 girls doing their homework tonight. Katie wanted to be right in there with "Sissy!" So cute!
I have a major praise to God to report! Remember the truck problems from Friday? Well, Chris & I thought over the weekend and we discussed and ranted about what to do. We decided that he'd ask them what was the least they could do to fix the most pressing problem. The guy told him what that'd be, fixed it and charged him $25. $25! He had originally quoted him $880! No lie. Now, of course this doesn't fix all of the problems, but the main thing was this smokey stuff blowing into the cab of the truck. That was fixed for $25. I had prayed & prayed that God would show us what to do and that He'd help us to know, etc. I feel like He answered our prayers in a big way! I always think God answers our prayers, but I feel like He answered them in a happy way this time! The other problems will need to be addressed at some time, but for now, all is good and I'm so thankful. Thank you, God!
I also have a major prayer request. There is a 2nd grader at Gracie's school who had surgery last week for a brain tumor. Apparently, she was having lots of headaches, was scheduled for a cat scan, started getting worse and had the cat scan immediately, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, was scheduled for surgery, but ended up hemorraging (sp?) and almost not making it, then having the surgery earlier than expected. They were able to remove it but she is looking at chemotherapy and a long road ahead. They took out her breathing tube this weekend but ended up having to put it back in last night. This all came on rather quickly.

Her mother is the PTA President. I feel like a heel because I called her house today to ask a PTA question, not knowing how serious this all was, and talked to the girl's grandmother who was extremely nice. I had to hang up very quickly because I was going to cry. I did cry after I hung up, partly because I felt bad for having called about a PTA question and partly because of the situation itself. I cannot imagine this being my child. I think with Gracie complaining of headaches so often it also has gotten to me on that level. This little girl has the same doctor as Gracie, so I have to feel that she must have presented with different symptoms because he didn't suggest a cat scan for Gracie when we went to see him. Hers have gotten much better lately, too. It's just worrisome. Please, please pray for this little girl & her parents. Her name is Carley. I think she has 3 brothers also.


Alissa said...

Prayers for Carley and her family sent...what a terrible thing to go through right now.

Love the picture of Gracie, if you can't tell she is proud, then you have to be blind. It is great that she is given the opportunity to boast about things that she does that are good things!

So glad that you were able to fix the van...$25 sounds tons better than $880. Hopefully the $25 fix will last for a good long while.

see-through faith said...

what a lovely idea - caught being good :)

and what a super ribbon!!!

blessings to you all :)

elizabeth said...

I love the picture of your girls. My younger sister always wanted to be just like me and that picture reminds me of a lot we had growing up!