Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dr. Kelly Hamby

Every now & then, I'll log onto ACU's site to see what's going on. I saw today that one of my favorite teachers, Dr. Kelly Hamby, has died. He was only 66. I am having major flashbacks of being in his class. It's actually a little embarrassing to admit that I was in his class because he taught General Studies. I had him for math. Basically, my SAT (or ACT) score in math wasn't quite up to the ACU standard, so I had to take general studies math my freshman year. Yeah, that's right. I'm not so mathematically gifted. (After teaching it, I have a much better understanding & appreciation for math.) I actually found out later that my ACT (or SAT) score was high enough for math that I didn't really have to take it. I took both the SAT & the ACT; I can't remember which one was high enough. Anyway, point is, I took the "baby math class" in order to meet my requirement and Dr. Hamby was one of the sweetest men I've ever met. I remember emailing him a few years ago and he emailed back. He was truly a nice man.

My all time favorite teacher at ACU was Dr. Perry Reeves! He taught Chemistry and Science for the Elementary Teacher (I can't remember the exact title.) He made his class fun and was understanding and giving (with his grades! HA!) and believed in me. Whether or not he really believed in me, he made me feel like he did and I will always remember one particular conversation I had with him that made me feel so good and will still bring tears to my eyes today if I tell it. He is an awesome teacher! He even gave Chris & I a wedding present! I thought that was so nice with all of the students he had!

Another favorite teacher was Dr. Dan White. He taught mainly reading courses in the education department. Seeing as how my specialization was reading, I had him quite a few times. I remember him as being a very gentle, patient man who always had time to talk and answer questions.

Dr. Finis Cavendar was another favorite from my freshman (?) year. He taught Biology. I did not do well in his class at all. Looking back, I wonder if it was actually a Greek class because that's pretty much the extent to how I understood it. He was so nice, though!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for these men who were inspirations to me in one way or another. I wasn't always the best student, but these teachers taught me about more than just the subject matter that was on the syllabus. I am so thankful for Christian universities where the teachers try to be Christian examples. Please be with Dr. Hamby's family as they grieve their loss of a father & husband.
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

I love your prayer here--so many people touch our lives--and we honor them when we thank God for them.

I am praying comfort and peace for the Hamby family.

Deana Nall said...

I had Dr. Hamby for literally the very first class I took at ACU. It was 8 a.m. MWF. Yes, it was Gen. Studies Algebra. Don't feel bad, Jacinda, I took that class THREE TIMES! Then I whizzed through College Algebra. Go figure. Dr. Hamby was great. I'd had several bad math teachers through school growing up, but Dr. Hamby was always so nice and patient and willing to help. The rest of the time I was at ACU, he always smiled and said hi to me. He never made me feel like an idiot because I failed his class. My maiden name was Hamby, but we could never find a connection. Everyone assumed he was my dad. I didn't really mind people thinking that!

MDM said...

He was a sweet man. Darren's family was friends with them. He did so much good in his life on earth. What a legacy of sharing God's word he leaves behind.

SG said...

I never had Dr Hamby but I should have. I spell better than I do Algebra if that gives you any clue! As for Dr Reeves, he is one of my ACU favorites. I had him for geology and Science for ele ed. He is a great man!