Saturday, November 05, 2005


Well, here I am at 2:45 in the morning unable to sleep. I guess I went to sleep a little too early last night and am restless from not feeling well. Chris was nice enough to sleep on the couch so I could have the whole bed to myself, so I can't watch t.v. since he's in the den. So, I've been reading blogs for the last hour and a half.

I found this quiz and thought I'd share it with you. I actually think I've taken it before although I think it's changed a little. So, "Are you a Yankee or a Rebel?"

FYI: it said I was "70% Dixie. Your neck must be at least pink."


Chris said...

75% (Dixie). Your neck must be at least pink!

Kate said...

53% (Dixie). Right on the Mason-Dixon Line

Adam Cooper said...

66% (Dixie). Just under the Mason-Dixon Line

Malia said...

This totally blew me away!!!! I grew up in the SOUTH!!! Texas, Virginia, a bit of time in California, I now live in Tennessee and my results:

50% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category.


Malia said...

This just keeps getting weirder. I just had my husband take the quiz, he grew up in New Jersey and Virginia. His results:

41% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category.

How is it that I'm more Yankee than he is?

Alissa said...

73% (Dixie). Your neck must be at least pink!