Friday, November 18, 2005

sweet things

Sweet things that have made me happy lately:

*I'm really trying to like hot tea. Sadly, I'm just not that into it. At night, I love to curl up on the couch and watch t.v. and sip something comforting. I'm trying to like hot tea, but I just really don't. Last night, Chris fixed me a cup and brought it to me on a matching saucer. I tried it and asked for some honey. He brought me some. I tried it and had to give up. It just wasn't good. Chris came in with the hot chocolate he'd fixed for himself. He saw that I'd given up on the tea, hesitated for just a moment then handed me his hot chocolate before going to fix himself a new mug. Not many men would do that.

*Katie hates having the sun in her eyes while we're driving. She will make it oh so obvious with her fussing & crying. It happened this afternoon once again. I told her there was nothing I could do about it. When I turned into the parking lot of Blockbuster it wasn't in her eyes anymore. She promptly said, "Thank you." (which sounds more like "Ta too.") Seriously, when she says thank you (and she says it at appropriate times) it is one of the sweetest things and I just want to melt each time! It's also sweet that she thinks I actually made the sun get out of her eyes just to make her happy!

*I explained to Gracie about the little girl at her school who had the brain tumor. I simplified it by telling her that she had surgery because her brain was sick. Gracie has consistently included her in her prayers. I can tell that she is concerned about her and really wants her to be okay.

*Apparently they went around the room today at school talking about things they were thankful for. Gracie told me that Ali said she was thankful for God & Jesus. When I expressed how happy that made me that she had friends who also loved God & Jesus, she told me that Morgan & Lakenya had also said it. Gracie apparently had said that she's thankful for "a whole bunch of love." That's kind of been her thing lately. She keeps saying things about giving a whole lot of love for Christmas. I'm not sure if she heard that somewhere or something, but it's sweet! I reminded her how we've talked about she can tell her friends about God & Jesus and show Jesus' love. I told her that this is what Ali, Morgan, & Lakenya did when they said what they were thankful for. Telling others that they're thankful for God & Jesus is one way of sharing them with others.

*I got up this morning to help Gracie get dressed & get her hair done for school, but Chris was home to take her, so I went back to bed when she was ready. I didn't really think I'd be able to fall back asleep very well. Well, I guess I did because I didn't end up getting out of bed until after 10!

*Chris had a doctor's appointment yesterday that was a potential worry. Katie behaved while we were there (hooray!) and I left feeling better about things. He's still not always going to feel as good as he wished, but there doesn't appear to be any major areas of concern as far as long term serious things.

*Alissa called to check on how his appointment went. I appreciated that.


Alissa said...

It is sometimes much needed for us to think up all the things that were just good things. Kind of along the lines of counting our blessings...and we are so lucky to have so many to count.

So sweet that Katie thought you moved the sun out of her eyes! Aidan always hated the sun too and wouldn't ever turn his head the other way.

MDM said...

That was so sweet to read! I miss that little "ta-too"! That is just how my girls said it, too. Glad things are Ok with Chris and whatever he is going through. He sounds like such a wonderful christian husband and father.

Rachel said...

On the subject of hot tea:

I like Twinings English Breakfast tea with plenty of sugar and milk. My mom drinks Constant Comment (I can't remember who makes this flavor). All I can suggest is to get a sample pack of teas so you can keep trying them until you find something you like.

jettybetty said...

What sweet stories--I love each one of them! Your girls are so precious! I am thankful for your good news for Chris, too. God is so good--we have so much to be thankful for!

elizabeth said...

I love peppermint tea with a little splenda. It reminds me of being sick as a little girl and my mama taking care of me. Great memories!